World debut for the BMW M235i Racing in Las Vegas.

The venue for this week’s world debut of the BMW M235i Racing was just as spectacular as its future stomping ground – the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife (DE): the newly-developed, entry-level racing car was presented to the international public for the first time at the “Las Vegas Motor Speedway” (US). Among those present was Martin Tomczyk (DE), who will race for BMW Team Schnitzer in the 2014 DTM. He was also involved in the development of the new car.


Three questions for Martin Tomczyk.

Martin, you were in Las Vegas for the official launch of the BMW 235i Racing. How was the reaction from the media?

Martin Tomczyk: “The feedback was more than positive. The designers’ illustrations really whet the appetite, but the BMW M235i Racing actually looks even more impressive in the flesh. Most journalists would have preferred to have taken it straight out onto the track. I have already had that privilege – and it is great fun pushing this car to the limit.”

Do you think this car will do well on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife?

Tomczyk: “Of course. BMW and the Nordschleife go hand in hand anyway, and it is great to see a new car like this breathing new life into this long tradition. For those starting out in motorsport, it will be a joy to taken on the ‘Green Hell’ in the BMW M235i Racing. The new format of the BMW M235i Racing Cup is also extremely interesting – and exactly what BMW fans want to see at the Ring.”

You are racing for BMW Team Schnitzer in the 2014 DTM. How are you approaching the season in a new team?

Tomczyk: “I am really looking forward to the 2014 season. The Bavarian ‘trio’ of BMW Motorsport, BMW Team Schnitzer and myself is a nice combination. For this reason, I hope we are able to mix it with the front runners right from the word go. My goal remains to win the DTM title with BMW. I am really motivated to take another step towards this goal in 2014.”