Read to see how the BMW M235i drifts?

The photo gallery below takes us to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where journalists from around the world, and DTM Driver Martin Tomczyk, pushed the all-new BMW M235i to its limits. Lots of burnt rubber, tight corners and drifting show us why the BMW M235i is an enthusiasts car.

So how does it do on the track? Here is an excerpt from our review:


The N55 Twin-Scroll single turbo which has been tweaked by BMW M engineers with a new program and larger cooling capacity, pulls like a son of a bitch even over 100 mph.  By the end of the back straight on the 1.5 mile Nascar Tri-Oval, I hit an impressive 135 mph.

Our day at the track, where we drove both the infield course and the 1.5 mile Tri-Oval with the BMW M235i, absolutely shredded any doubts I had about the first M Performance Automobile to come to the United States – the M235i.