Since 1977 BMW drivers have been able to hone their driving skills through a number of specialist training courses, and since 2003 MINI drivers have been able to learn more about go-kart handling and now the range of courses has been further extended.

Both new and advanced drivers benefit from course contents such as drifting on ice and snow, finding the ideal line on the racetrack or touring through scenic landscapes. The underlying principle of all the courses is the same, by learning how to handle their car in various, and sometimes challenging situations, the customers will ultimately become better and safe drivers in everyday traffic.

MINI Cooper Fest 2013

All MINI Driving Experience training sessions and tours are conducted in small groups, guided and accompanied by specially trained MINI instructors. In addition to the safety training (MINI Safety Training) and racetrack training (MINI John Cooper Works Experience), tours lasting from one to several days are offered. The third component of the MINI Driving Experience is the MINI Customised Experience featuring events which can be individually selected or personal coaching. Since all the training sessions are not only intended to be instructive but also fun, the motto for all training modules is “More Safety. More Fun”.

MINI Cooper Fest 2013

The individual programmes impart technical knowledge as well as teach about the rules of physics as they apply to driving. Fast lane changing, braking and steering manoeuvres at speed as well as slalom driving are already practised in the basic courses. Anyone who has tried out these exercises in a safe environment on the training track will have better and faster reactions in real-life situations.

For advanced participants the programme offers a section where they can test the limits of their car – for example under- and over-steering or drifting in a circle. True MINI enthusiasts can book the two-day MINI John Cooper Works Fascination Nordschleife Training where they can take the range-topping MINI  to its limits on the 20.8 km long legendary racetrack with its 73 corners and 300 metres of altitude difference.

Worldwide more than 120 competent BMW and MINI instructors – among them many experienced test drivers, engineers and car developers – offer participants their technical and didactic skills and often many years of motor-racing experience to achieve optimum learning success and deliver an unforgettable driving experience.