First BMW X5 Hybrid will be launched at the upcoming 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Earlier today through a lengthy press release, BMW shared with us some of the stats surrounding the X5 eDrive SAV. The plug-in hybrid uses a combination of a combustion engine couple with an electric motor that can provide driving autonomy.

BMW has yet to reveal when and if it goes in production, but based on our knowledge, we should expect the first BMW X5 hybrid sometimes in 2014.


Engine: Four-cylinder turbocharged

eMotor: 70 kW/95 hp

eDrive Range: 3o km (19 miles)

CO2: emissions of under 90 grams per kilometer

Top Speed (electric mode): 120 km/h ) (75 mph)

Fuel Consumption: 3.8 liters per 100 kilometers (74.3 mpg imp)

100 km/h (62 mph): under 7.0 seconds

Color: Silverflake metallic exterior

Driving Modes: intelligent hybrid drive option for an optimum balance between sportiness and efficiency; pure electric and therefore emission-free driving; or Save Battery mode to maintain the current battery charge.

Charging: domestic power socket, a Wallbox designed to offer stronger currents or a public charging station