Every year the concept lawn in Pebble Beach gathers some of the most exclusive and expensive concept and production cars. And this year’s show makes no exception. At The Lodge, we had the unique opportunity to spend some time photoshooting some of those amazing cars, from the Porsche Spyder 918, to the Lamborghini Veneno, Rolls Royce Wraith, 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV, Laraki Motors Epitome Concept and many others.

Speaking of the Laraki Motors Epitome. The car has been a surprise to everyone. The $2M concept outputs 1,750 horsepower and is built up on the chassis of a C6 Corvette. Under the hood lays the 7.0-liter Chevy V8 that is good for 1,200 horsepower on pump gas. The Laraki also has two gas tanks with one chamber meant for Regular and another intending to hold 110 octane. At the touch of a button, the Epitome will change its ECU map, allowing it to burn gas from both tanks, and raising the output to 1,750. To summarize: a state-of-the art automobile.


Another cool car in Pebble Beach is the 2014 Aston Martin DB-9 Zagato Centennial. This was one of two one-offs commissioned by Italian design house Zagato, in honor of Aston’s year-long, hundredth birthday celebrations.

Let’s have a look at the entire collection of concept cars from 2013 Pebble Beach.