Inside Performance tuning shop takes a standard BMW X6 M that turns into a beast on four wheels. Coming from factory with 550 horsepower, BMW’s first M model with all-wheel drive gets a significant power upgrade to 700 horsepower.

This additional horsepower has been achieved through engine tuning, ECU modifications and a new sports catalytic converter. The 500 lb-ft of torque level was also raised to 627 lb-ft. To enhance its acoustics, the tuner includes a new steel flap-controlled exhaust system.


The exterior design has also been upgraded and includes one of the strangest, if not weirdest, paint jobs we have ever seen. The psychedelic camouflage comes in blue, light and dark gray, and white, and gives the car that weird look we mentioned.

Other modifications include two added air intakes on the bonnet.

Furthermore, the BMW X6 M by Inside Performance is also 4 inches wider than the standard car.


Inside the upgrades are just as complex. The car comes with an advanced data display system in the dashboard that displays the boost and gas pressure, as well as torque and horsepower outputs.

The company has not revealed yet the new 0 to 60 mph times, but we expect this pimped-out X6 M to be quite fast.