Luxury car-maker Jaguar and production company Ridley Scott Associates have a released a short film featuring the new Jaguar F-TYPE. The 13-minutes feature reminds us of the BMW films from early 2000s and stars Homeland’s Damian Lewis. Desire was directed by Doctor Who’s Adam Smith.

Lewis is a car delivery guy who gets involved in a woman’s violent domestic dispute with her ex-husband while on his way to deliver the F-TYPE Jaguar. The woman is played by Shannyn Sossamon, known from her roles in A Knight’s Tale and 40 Days and 40 Nights.

The short film has a twist and makes it a great commercial for Jaguar and its new F-TYPE, without being cheesy, a nice change from the usual car commercials.

BMW Films was the brainchild of BMW North America’s marketing group in an effort to reach core buyers while continuing to appeal to a broader audience. The result was a series of five short films featuring a variety of celebrity actors along with celebrity directors behind the camera. Each film documenting another chapter in the life of a mysterious, nameless driver played by the then-relatively-unknown Clive Owen who embarked on a series of adventures as a paid driver-for-hire. “The Driver” is a fearless yet calculating driver for whom no contract is too dangerous and no car other than a BMW will do.

With a forward-thinking mentality, BMW decided to take advantage of the Internet as a new tool for reaching consumers combined with the idea of a leaner, more effective advertising budget and premiered, via their website, BMW Films.

The first film to debut April 26, 2001 was simply titled Ambush.

For more on BMW Films, read this article by Andrew Murphy.

Here is the 13-minutes long “Desire”