BMW Japan announces a limited-edition 5 Series Exclusive Sport available in both the Sedan and Touring variants. Only 300 units will be sold to Japanese customers just a few months before the 5 Series facelift.

For those limited edition 5 Series BMW uses two turbocharged engine with the same 2.0 liter displacement but in petrol and diesel: 523i and 523d.

Part of the Exclusive Sport Edition package customers will get 19 inch alloy wheels, M Steering wheel, contoured sport seats and the aggressive M Sport package.


Two color choices are being offered, white or carbon black with Cinnamon Brown Leather trim. A a Head-Up display and other once-optional features are included in the pack. To mark the exclusivity of these models, an “Exclusive Sport” plaque is plastered over the dashboard.

The BMW 5 Series Exclusive Sport has a starting price of 7,190,000 yen ($72,000) and goes up to 7,490,000 yen ($75,200).

[Source: WCF]