BMW Performance Center instructor Johan Schwartz will attempt to beat the world record for drifting. On May 11th, the M School driver will go behind the wheel of the new F10 M5 and onto the skidpad.

The current drifting world record was set in China in 2011 and it’s approximately 3.6 miles long.

For those of you that might not know, the BMW Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg offers quite a few exciting driving courses, from the Driver’s Program to M Performance course and the BMW Motorcycle Rider training.


BMW’s facility in Spartanburg caterers to a variety of drivers, from the less experiences ones to the advanced highly skilled drivers and even a Teen School which focuses on safety and caution.

Our favorite program at the Performance Center is the M School, a one or two-day course where BMW owners, and not only, can experience the thrills of an M car.

Here is the teaser video: