BMW has decided to take a page from Audi and bump its coupe offering up a number. Instead of the heretofore 3 Series Coupe, we’re seeing that
the Concept 4 Series Coupe is the direction the company will take going forward. In line with the coupe version of the 5 being a 6, this shows how BMW intends to bump up the cachet (and price) for two-door variants. (And we can’t forget the Gran Coupe four door variants either.)

So what does moving up a number buy? In the case of the 4, it’s some pretty sophisticated styling, both inside and out. The new 4 is also on a slightly lower, wider and longer chassis than the existing 3 series coupe. It has the usual BMW exterior cues, with a dash of hi tech in the LED headlamps (thankfully without too much of the ‘string of pearls’ that some companies prefer to show LED lighting with). The concept also shows close to symmetrical front and rear lower fascias. Interesting effect.

The kidney grilles are ornamental on the Concept 4 Coupe – they are closed for aerodynamic benefits (fuel economy). The air intakes are low in the fascia and deliver air to the engine compartment, oil cooler, brake cooling, and for the ‘air curtain’ that adds aerodynamic benefits by curtaining the exposed tire/wheel. The ‘air breather’, the vent seen on the fender behind the front wheel opening, is an adjunct to the ‘air curtain’ aerodynamic aid. It’s functional.

The concept has a heavily stylized interior in leather with ornate stitching that most likely will be toned down in the production version. Regardless, the hallmarks of a quality interior, wood, leather, and metal will all be in the final version. BMW Individual was heavily involved in building this concept. And that bodes well for building a bespoke 4 Series.

Expect the full panoply of BMW apps to be available along with the latest BMW driving aids. The options list will be very extensive undoubtedly. And of course you would expect to see ‘versions’ of the 4, luxury, sport, as well as a probable M440i, and eventually an M4, not to mention a four door 4 Gran Coupe.

Regardless of how the production version is presented, it will be a very elegant car with an emphasis on driving dynamics. BMW is taking a gamble moving what would have been a 3 series coupe upmarket but it looks to be a stunner.