Japanese tuner 3D Design releases their aerodynamic package for the new F30 BMW 3 Series.

From the company’s inception in 1998 the gentlemen at 3D Design Japan have worked persistently to develop a brand focused on the idea of clean lines and top shelf products produced in conjunction with top shelf manufacturers. The new generation of BMW chassis pose a interesting challenge due to the fact that the Munich designers have done a excellent job with the aesthetics. The F30 is no exception. Although the variance from the E9X chassis is slight the gents at 3D Design needed to develop a aero line that was simple while bringing a more aggressive presence to the new flagship vehicle.

Albeit 3D Design will be releasing more products for the F30 the current line is comprised of a front lip, trunk spoiler, roof spoiler, as well as their trademark performance pedal set . The front lip was designed for the sport bumper, however, 3D Design informed us that if the front fog light bezel is changed it is compatible with all bumpers.

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[Source: IND ]