The authoritative stance extruded by 1M is enhanced by the GTS-V tuning program from Vorsteiner. More than just fashion pieces, the GTS-V components integrate performance that makes the world stand still and take notice. It gives the vehicle a more powerful presence and inspires confidence while in the driver’s seat.

The details are everything when striving for perfection. The front spoiler is engineered to improve and direct air flow to give additional downforce. The boot lid is designed to reduce weight in the rear while creating downforce. The rear add-on diffuser then assist the boot lid by correcting any air pressure or air flow imbalances.

The 100% bolt-on sports exhaust system makes acceleration more exhilarating and provides a beautiful exhaust note. The exhaust system is available in both stainless steel or in a lightweight titanium model.

An agile athlete needs to have great footing to perform at top condition. The VS-400 3-Piece step-lip design wheel uses the latest in techniques and technology to create a wheel that gives the 1M the ability achieve the best performance possible.

Here is the latest images of the GTS-V 1M in a recent outdoor photoshoot.

[Source: Vorsteiner]