The Ultimate Drive App for the iPhone and Android devices ( or ) can now lead BMW Financial Services customers to not only some great roads across the U.S., but today through June 30, 2012 it can lead to a BMW dealer, a test drive and a $300 credit towards the first payment on a new 2012 BMW 3 Series.

“This is a simple thank you to our loyal BMW Financial Services customers while at the same time demonstrating the inclusive nature of the Financial Services community as shown by our Ultimate Driving App,” explained Ed Robinson, CEO and president of BMW Financial Services. “The iPhone and Android-device application, which can be linked to a BMW Financial Services customer’s account, has been providing a forum to share and discover great roads and keep up-to-date on the latest BMW news since its introduction in August 2011.

“Now we’ve added something special for the BMW Financial Services customer with this unique $300 offer on their first payment towards a 2012 BMW 3 Series which is completely handled through the app, the next step in our spreading the functionality of our mobility programs.”

Obtaining the $300 voucher towards the first payment on the new 3 Series is simple:

1. BMW Financial Services customers download or upgrade to the latest version of the Ultimate Driving App through the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

2. After a brief login, BMW Financial Services customers can schedule a test drive. The app first suggests their current BMW dealer, but they can select others from a map. The app can automatically generate a personalized email to the dealership or they place a call directly.

3. After the test drive, the customer confirms which BMW Center they visited, enters the BMW Client Advisor’s name, and can optionally take a picture of themselves in the new 3 Series. Instantly, the app unlocks a unique $300 “Mobile Voucher,” which can be redeemed upon financing of a 2012 3 Series by June 30, 2012.

“What is exciting for our customers is the immediacy of it all,” said Pawan Murthy, General Manager of Online Business. “You don’t need to wait for a printed coupon to be mailed to you nor do you have to call a toll-free number. We want to reward our customers for their loyalty through the one tool that is always with them: their phone.”

In addition to this popular smartphone app, the Ultimate Drive has a fast growing community on Facebook and Twitter ( and @UltimateDriveFS).

“We are constantly looking to make all of our mobility apps and social media programs easier to use, more informative and more fun. As a company, we pride ourselves on our ongoing use of technology to build stronger relationships with our customers, “added Robinson. “The Ultimate Drive app has allowed us to broaden our awareness as an organization to a vast audience, but more so, it provides us the ability to recognize a community of our BMW customers in our daily effort to turn them into fans.”

The Ultimate Drive app was jointly developed by BMW Financial Services and San Francisco based firm, SocialNav, Inc. Additional details about the app and offer can be found at

[Source: BMW]