BMW recalling 32,000 vehicles over engine fire risks

News | October 31st, 2011 by 6
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BMW announces a recall of 32,000 vehicles to replace potentially faulty electric auxiliary water pumps that can overheat and cause a vehicle fire. The Munich-based …

BMW announces a recall of 32,000 vehicles to replace potentially faulty electric auxiliary water pumps that can overheat and cause a vehicle fire.

The Munich-based automaker says the recall applies to 2008-2011 5 Series, 5 Series Gran Turismo, 7 Series, X5 and X6 models that have 8 or 12-cylinder turbocharged engines.

BMW found at least 102 cases of pump failures worldwide, including two engine-compartment fires which drew the recall process. For Detroit News, BMW said it is unaware of any crashes or injuries as a result of the condition.

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The auxiliary pump helps cool the turbocharger during some driving conditions and in some cases can fail, causing the circuit board to overheat potentially leading to a fire. BMW said in most cases drivers will be alerted by a warning message on the instrumental cluster during driving.

BMW first discovered the issue in June 2009 on test vehicles. In April 2010, a smoldered electrical cable of the water pump was found on a BMW-owned vehicle.

Dealers will replace the electric auxiliary water pump and BMW owners will be notified starting next month.

[Source: DetNews ]

6 responses to “BMW recalling 32,000 vehicles over engine fire risks”

  1. La Ma says:

    its good to see BMW acting upon the trouble but when I see the date of the 1st incident – 2009  , I can not stop thinking – why did it take so long to act ?
    The auxiliary water pump is very important on the Turbo engines.  I wonder how many turbo melt down occurred and could it be the same reason for the high pressure fuel pump failure as well ?  Bad quality from the beginning ?
    High Pressure Fuel Pump failure was blamed on the bad US gasoline, not manufacturing defect.  I doubt that the original pump was perfect as its the same gasoline for everybody not just for BMW Turbo engines.
    They have taken samples during testing and they knew it is of worst quality then European gasoline.

    BMW’s recalls and troubles are higher due to the more complex engines and more variants. They should take a step back and make quality control stronger. Their first objective should not be – cutting cost – but making products last.

    Bosch (or actually AFCO who is their fuel pump division) has a team who’s work is to create pumps that last 6-7 years and 120-140k miles from the lowest possible cost.
    The pumps are not designed to fail at the times/miles but rather designed with the lowest cost that last minimum that long !
    Its not exactly what the policies were in the 80’s and even the 90’s.   Cars are expensive and they should last more then just 140k miles and 6-7 years. 
    If Bosch is working on this, I’m sure other parts makers are doing the same. Eventually the car will fall apart after 6-7 years and 140k miles ?  I know thats what the auto makers want but most owners does not !

  2. Tyson Bunker says:

    BMW is
    respected car brand in the worldwide car market. They have been making
    fantastic cars. It’s surprising that BMW has recalled 32,000 vehicles because
    of engine fire risks.

  3. TheLip says:

    I checked with my service adviser and he knew about the recall but said the dealer had not received any notification from BMW yet. Since I have an X6 that falls into the recall I would like to get it taken care of immediately. I hope BMW doesn’t take too long holidays are coming up and I will be driving around with small ones in the car, would rather not have to worry about this.

  4. Wilson says:

    BMW cars is my best favorite cars. I like it for my entertainment.
    Wilson Kendy

    “Engine and Transmission World”

  5. Mattey says:

    My x6 started acting up lately, giving me engine temp high message even in early hours of the morning, it turned out to electric auxilliary pump relay. do i go ahead and change the pump or there is a relay  somewhere, somebody please help me

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