Rumor: New F31 BMW 3 Series Wagon still coming to the U.S.?

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InsideLine has the playfield today with more BMW news. The respectable publication is quoting BMW’s head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, on the possibility …

InsideLine has the playfield today with more BMW news. The respectable publication is quoting BMW’s head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, on the possibility of BMW bringing the new F31 3 Series Wagon to the United States.

According to the magazine, BMW has no plans to import the new 3 Series Wagon, despite being one of the must successful 3er models in Europe, accounting for almost half of 3 Series sales.

The publication does not offer a direct quote from Robertson, but instead suggests that BMW’s own figures show the inability to sell more than a thousand a year in the U.S., therefore making the Wagon a less compelling product when it comes to revenue.

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“The sport-activity vehicle is still dominant in the U.S. There would need to be a major change in behavior to make the Touring a success,” said Robertson for InsideLine.

Interesting enough is the fact that back in May 2010, former BMWNA CEO, Jim O’Donnell, said he doesn’t want to lose wagon sales to Mercedes-Benz so BMW will keep the 3 Series wagon in its lineup. Past rumors said the new 3 Series Wagon will be replaced by a 3 Series Gran Turismo.

BMWBLOG’s own sources say that the company is not yet at a point where a final decision has to be made and the product plans may change in early 2012.

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13 responses to “Rumor: New F31 BMW 3 Series Wagon still coming to the U.S.?”

  1. La Ma says:

    3GT will NOT replace the wagon. The 5GT never replaced the wagon either.   An ugly hatchback that is long and not useful can not replace a handsome wagon.
    The 3 series wagon will be sold. less then a 1000unit a year ? hard to believe, but it would help if the wagon would come with a little more sizzle. A single engine and transmission choice is hardly a try, its more like a throwing a bone to the dog. Like it or not, this is IT.
    I am actually thinking of buying a E93 wagon but if a new one would come with a 4cyl diesel, or with a 4cyl turbo, then I would skip on the best bungle car and get a non-bungle car. I always said the E9x series was a best of the bungle era, but still a far cry from the current cars.

  2. Guest says:

    Oof! That’s a rough rendition. Much prefer the outgoing model.

  3. Dan says:

    I already told my dealer that I will Pre-order the wagon if it comes here.  From the midwest its hard to believe this car won’t sell well.  with AWD and improved fuel econ. this car is a no brainer, it has more storage than the X3.  If BMW even put a dollar into advertising the wagon they could easily sell more, its not something people think about.  but with rising gas prices it just makes sense.  BMW, please bring the wagon.  at least you will have the one sale!

  4. FRUNEED says:


  5. T. says:

    The F31 3er Touring will make the US Market but will arrive in one engine the 328i with or without xDrive only.
    The problem BMW and more or less every premium manufacturer is that because a similar SAV is offered- customers in the US will pick the SAV for all-weather security and status than a premium wagon.

    • La Ma says:

      BMW created the cross-over market with their X5 and it is a strong market.  But the SAV Crossover whatever we call these soft-off-roaders are not a direct replacement for a Wagon.
      A wagon traditionally used as family transportation in Europe by MALE drivers. a SAV/Cross-over is primarily is a CHICK car or I should say – SOCCER MOM truck. 
      Totally different target !

      The trouble is, for many US Males, the wagon is a degrading car and they prefer their useless pickup truck over anything.
      In reality a pickup is a most useless truck/car for 95% of the people who buy them, and they would be happier with a Van or SUV or Wagon.
      The tradition is a pickup and therefore people buy the pickup.  The fact that 98% will never use them for anything it was made for , does not bother them.
      They argue, that not a lot of people drives the BMW’s on a race track either.  Totally different subject, but its a fight thats impossible to win in the US.

      An ideal customer for a wagon is a 30+ y/o male with 1-2-3 child and one who has a confidence in himself to not to be bothered by the “other” male friends who will criticize his transportation choice.

      I’m proud to drive the wagon to anywhere and when people ask me why do I have a wagon instead of a pickup I laugh at them and don’t even bother to answer them. 

      So I hope BMW comes to their sense and will bring the wagon, with something exciting engine/transmission package.  a 4cyl Turbo with the 8spd auto would be ideal if no diesel will be available.

    • Igor says:

      IMO, the problem with 328 wagon in the US was that only one impotent (pardon) engine was supplied with it instead of adding 335 i/d to the lineup.
      The wagon has to be packed with fun in order for people to start buying them!
      When I decided to buy a wagon, I simply had to skip 328 and spend a lot more money on 535 wagon. I did not feel comfortable with the price tag at all, but I am not driving a clunky SUV or a slow wagon!
      Now, 535 touring has also been killed in the US by low sales (500 units in 2010?)…hey, who likes a sticker price of 71K (mine) for a wagon? OK, I bought it slightly used, but still expensive.

      1. I will buy F31 wagon with 335 gas or diesel if it becomes available in the US, 328 I wont as I drive in the mountains a lot and I don’t want my car to be not fun to drive.

      2. 328 wagon will compete with Acura TSX wagon, and people will by Acura over BMW most of the time, so bring 335 wagon please!

      3. If automakers and our government wanted a consumer mind shift they could have introduced wagon discounts (and SUV gas guzzler tax) instead of discontinuing wagons.
      Just like hybrid cars..

  6. Anonymous says:


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