Photo Comparison: Audi A4 vs. 2012 BMW 3 Series

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A regular feature here at BMWBLOG is the comparison of BMW models against their competitors and today, we decided to create a head-to-head photo comparison …

A regular feature here at BMWBLOG is the comparison of BMW models against their competitors and today, we decided to create a head-to-head photo comparison of the new 2012 BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4.

First off, we would like to point out that the Audi A4 is a two-year old model, with the fully refreshed A4 scheduled to appear in 2015.

The A4’s design stands out with the massive grille now featured on all modern Audis. The grille is matched with angular headlamps and the flashy LED eyebrow. The front diffuser gives the car a combination of aggressive and elegant look.

BMW 3 series vs audi a4 photo7 655x247

On the sides, the A4 misses on the opportunity to create some sporty “character lines” and it keeps the bland shapes running across from front to back. At the rear, full LED taillights surround a less-imposing trunk lid.

Overall, the exterior design of the A4 showcases muscular proportions with short overhangs and a beautiful arching roof.

BMW 3 series vs audi a4 photo3 655x538

The A4’s interior is all-new and resembles the larger A6 sedan and Q7 sport-utility. Inside, the Audi A4 sines with its high-quality design and materials. The design is beautifully modern and wonderfully constructed. Controls are bunched in the center stack with the MMI knob controlling most functions via the LCD screen on the dash. There are also dedicated switches for many functions on the center console.

For a detailed design analysis of the new 3 Series, please see the following article.

Click on the photo gallery below for high-res comparison shots.

29 responses to “Photo Comparison: Audi A4 vs. 2012 BMW 3 Series”

  1. Me says:

    I am feeling the Audi.. although I know their engine is feeble when compared to the F30

  2. Manchester Man says:

    The 3 series is the obvious looker here. It looks more sportier, meaner and aggressive than the A4. Damn them LED lights on the Audi are beginning to look more and more tacky as time moves on…

    • Tom says:

      The Audi LED strips are played out.  In my city you see one literally every few minutes.

      I like my BMW LED halos much better.  Plus they don’t turn off when I turn on the blinker.

  3. TheLip says:

    If BMWblog wants to do a comparison how about a 20 year old BMW to 20 year old Audi.
    Problem would be finding a 20 year old Audi still running. there is much more to a BMW than looks.

  4. Sajan says:

    I’m sure Manchester Man will agree with me here when I say that there’s too many Audis around Manchester now. Seeing a BMW around Deansgate just looks the business. I know the F30 will fit right in there. The Audis are becoming as common as Fords and Vauxhalls now. BMW’s are actually fairly rare to see right now, and that really isn’t a bad thing at all.

    • Saleem Drayton says:

      That is a bad thing the objective is to outsell is it not? You want exclusivity use your brain do something innovative and buy a bugatti. Cant afford one customize it. I am sick of the stupid comments made buy elitist retards.

  5. Mateo says:

    today bmw has competitors form infinty, lexus, audi…wtf???? where’s old school merc vs bmw!

    to me these subsidiarys of nissan, toyota, vw are just for people who buy cars by plastic quality inside lol

    • Fredyschiftan says:

      you are right VW wants to be the biggest Car Maker in the World !! the last one who said this was Toyota and look what happened to them !!  soon they will realize that its only numbers they are looking at, they already have great quality problems and recalls Audi is just another VW dont be fooled !!!!

      • wazon says:

        True, the same technology in different disguise, the same problems. Witness: the fuel leaks recall from September 2011 for VW Jetta, Golf, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia and Seat Leon.

      • Mr.Cash says:

        Funny how nobody ever mentions the upper echelon of the VW group. Funny how nobody ever calls an Audi a “downgraded Porsche/Bentley”…

  6. Sajan says:

    let’s compare a 1983 BMW 3 Series to a 1983 Audi A4…oh no we can’t… awkward 

  7. ya-haa bee-bee says:

     There will be a facelifted Audi A4 by the time the new 3-er gets to the street (Feb 2012). The new A4 will be shown before end of 2011 and it will look like a smaller A6. Interior gets ‘facelifted’ as well.

  8. LexusLVR says:

    The Audi is gorgeous inside and out. Can’t say the same for the 3er which looks downright awful from all angles. Interior is ok though.

  9. 70gto says:

    So surprised that on a BMW blog site, most posters prefer the BMW!!  Only a fool would disagree that the A4 front end is far superior to the BMW.  And if you BMW fans haven’t noticed, the Audi line is starting to pull rank on BMW all over the world.  The 7 Series is dead, only driven by gangsters and thugs.  The 5 series is nice, but compared to a Audi A6??!  Used BMWs will end up like used Cadillacs, driven in the hood with 24 inch rims.

    • BMW is the Best says:

      If the 7 Series is dead then your pathetic a8 is even more so. As for the 5 Series, one must be the ultimate fool to compare it to the inferior a6, since the 5 Series is the clear leader in its segment leaving no chance for neither the E-Class nor the A6.

    • Saleem Drayton says:

      Both Audi and BMW is amazing and we need not bash one brand to favor another. The brand and it’s performance and quality speak for themselves. I think most of the no-racist and non-elitist will agree when I say the Infiniti G37 gives both these puppies a phenominal run for their money. In my opinion it is all around a better car and all they did was add fog lights to their latest model.

  10. Guest says:

    Audi looks incredibly dated.

  11. fruneed says:

    Audi is good …the headlights good design ..congrats audi…..but BMW wins is a superior luxury brand. …and we are not talking about the engine world yet…(we knows who wins)

  12. Mateo says:

    we (bmw fans) don’t take design as a MAIN thing, we like bmw cause of what is under the body – platform, chassis, suspencion, geabox, engine, 50:50 balance, rwd……………..

    otherwise we would be on kia forum saying : wow this new optima looks great ,  it does look great but i don’t want it

  13. ferrarifan says:

    Finally, a comparison without a poll (with obvious results). Anyway, 3 series for me. It’s a good balance of aggressive and evolutionary design. Plus it’s rear wheel drive.

  14. Me says:

    Can’t wait to see the S4 vs. the 335i… now that will be a sweet street race

  15. Viper says:

    not sure on this one….I like the audi interior slightly better here….exterior looks not sure…the engines I think are in bmw advantage…..the a4 is not something Id like but the new a6 the new a8 or the new a7 now those are eye candies .

  16. Mememoo says:

    Hey, is it the same guy who drives both the BMW and audi in pictures above?

  17. Johnnybimmer 101 says:

    I use to be a BMW fan until Cris Bangel made everything look like toys. My next car will be an Audi!

  18. maya M says:

    audi beats bmw

  19. Devilgod Buster says:

     i am with BMW . it has looks to die for  man. AUDI is like the dark beast uprising , but BMW is like mighty lord .

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