Video Review: 2012 BMW M5 by Chris Harris

Videos | September 30th, 2011 by 3
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EVO’s own Chris Harris, one of the most respectable automotive journalists, delivers a new video review of the 2012 BMW M5.

Harris had the opportunity to drive the F10 M5 on race track at Ascari where BMWBLOG’s Shawn Molnar delivered a drifting session aboard the same M5 super sedan.

Our own review of the M5 can be found here, previewed by the following conclusion:

“Finally and in conclusion, we arrive at the topic of curb appeal. I challenge you to walk past the new M5 and not feel your heart beat just a little bit faster, or your eyes lock onto its curves. Its sheet metal is muscular and menacing, yet swoopy and curvaceous. Now in its fifth generation, the M5 is packed with charm.”

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It became clear to me while driving through a small Spanish town that the M5 has street presence. It turned heads, first for its sound, then for its looks. I believe its gorgeous sparkling blue paint may have also had something to do with it (or perhaps its handsome driver? No, most certainly not!). I heard a young girl yell, “Muy bonita!” translated, “Very beautiful!” while driving past. Men and women of all ages could not help but lock eyes on the slippery blue shape as it rolled away. The M5 seemed to enjoy the attention, because it rather rambunctiously revved its engine every time the auto start-stop technology would switch the engine back on. After a large enough crowd of young men had gathered their attention, the least I could do was tromp on the throttle – much to their fist-pumping, cheering delight. This is a happy car – it wants to take in the moment. It often makes you smile. And for that – it can fittingly be badged an M car. Muy bonita indeed.”

Now, let’s see if Harris agrees with us.

Video can be found also at EVO.