As with every major auto show, BMWBLOG team walked the floors to see the latest and greatest vehicles in the automotive industry.

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show is most likely the largest European car show of the year, with carmakers from around the world and tuners showcasing their latest products.

So what are some of the interesting cars we have seen there?

First, Mercedes-Benz brought out the F125!, a plug-in hydrogen supercar in a concept form. The F-125! uses lithium-sulphur batteries, a body comprised of several metals and composites, and a series of high-tech gadgets like “touch, speech and hand gestures,” semi-autonomous driving and three-dimensional display.

Audi introduced the A2 Concept, an all-electric vehicle with a 31-kWh lithium-ion battery. The concept includes a built-in internet connection, steering and braking by-wire systems and a rear fog light laser.

Ford Evos is another interesting concept unveiled in Frankfurt which was called by J Mays, the company’s chief designer as the “new face of Ford” and is expected to influence styling on all upcoming Ford models.

The Evos is a four-door coupe with an aggressive front fascia, large, imposing grille and LED headlights.The space-age cabin has four individual seats and an advanced infotainment system.

Enjoy the photo gallery and stay tuned for more articles from Frankfurt!