German tuners CLP Automotive takes the popular BMW M3 Coupe and turns into an M3 GT racecar. Compared to the M3 GT running in American Le Mans or the 24-hr of Nurburgring, the M3 Interceptor by CLP is a road legal car.

CLP Automotive begins with a wide body kit that adds enhanced front and rear wheel arches together with matching rocker panels and bumpers. The hood gets redesigned with additional vents and a central dome. At the back, the aerodynamics are increased by a large fixed rear wing, as seen in the regular M3 GT.

The M3 Interceptor by CLP sits on 19-inch lightweight wheels with a white finish.

Inside, the tuner removes the rear seat bench and adds a roll cage and race-spec Recaro bucket seats. The orange trim adds an interesting flavor to the  racing-ready interior.

As any respectable race car, the M3 Interceptor receives a significant power upgrade. By using a compressor system from G-Power, the M3 CLP now outputs 600 horsepower from the standard 420 ponies.  A Bilstein sport suspension is also included in the package.

The complete cost for the transformation is set at €69,000 (approx. US$97,500), on top of the cost of the M3 Coupe.