Andre de Vries, also known as ‘AdvEvo’ on most automotive forums, is back with more action aboard the new BMW 1M. Known for his driving and drifting skills, Andre goes a step further today by racing a BMW M3 CSL at Nurburgring.

Every BMW fan’s dream car, the BMW M3 CSL is regarded by many as one of the best cars to come out of the M3 division. CSL stands for “Coupe Sport Lightweight”, a moniker first given to the legendary race winning BMW 3.0 CSL.

The E46 M3 CSL is most notably distinguished from the standard E46 M3 by its various lightweight components. BMW claimed that the M3 CSL weighed 3,054 pounds, or roughly 10 percent less than the normal model.

Our own Andrew Murphy says “the M3 CSL is just an honest, straightforward performance BMW. The CSL managed to combine many of the most identifiable traits of a BMW of the period into a single package. Naturally aspirated 3.2L inline-6, light weight materials, and hardcore near-slick tires wrapped around 19 inch wheels. The M3 CSL managed to deliver more performance than the standard E46 M3 at a still-reasonable price point.”

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the Nurburgring experience as described by Andre.

“The guy in the CSL has done lots of laps more then 1000 but is no racing driver. I have done about only 80 laps in total or so. But i am racing driver and adapt very fast to new tracks. If i had more laps under my belt i could go easy under 8 minutes BTG. I really doubt the 7.50 CSL ring time the 1M is pretty close already there no 25 sec difference. Mount some pilot sport cups on the 1M and there is not much in it.

I was driving in M mode and DSC off. Everything else was off factory.

The seats don t give enough support on track and you still sitting to high in car. On long journey s to the ring the seats are perfect. So it s all compromise. And you can swap seats for race shells seats easily if you wish.

The M3 CSL has:

pilots sport cups on 18 inch wheels
Better coil over suspension
Big brakes
race seats and harness
Titan exhaust with race cats

Official Sport Auto ring times are:

M3 CSL – 7:50
BMW 1M Coupe – 8:15

[Source: 1addicts ]