Welcome to the Welt.  It’s been quite a journey for most of you; how was your flight?  Time to lose the jet lag and get rested for a very big day ahead.

You are allowed to be excited.  This is one of the most momentous days of your life, making the short list beside your graduation day, marriage day, purchase of first home, and birth of first child.  BMW is, after all, delivering a child of sorts – the mechanical sort that doesn’t complain or soil itself.  Although, like a human child it may eventually ask for new (brake) shoes, frequent baths, and maybe even a (car) bra down the road.  You’ll need to feed it premium food fuel regularly and it will inevitably get more expensive with age.  The similarities are truly endless.  But at least you don’t need to save for a College fund.

Conjecture aside, it’s time to embrace the moment.  Are you ready?  In “Step 1 – Ordering Your BMW,” we highlighted the ordering process which will eventually find you at the door of BMW Welt.  For those allergic to foreign languages, Welt translates “World,” hence you will find yourself in the middle of all things BMW.

First things first, upon arriving at the Welt you will walk through an impressive atrium full of current, and a few classic BMW cars and motorcycles.  A space-age glass ceiling wraps around you at great height, twisting and swooping back down to the ground.  Arriving at the welcome desk, you’ll next be shown to the documentation floor.

A friendly BMW associate will go over all the paperwork with you and assist you in signing the ownership documents.   You will also be offered practical advice on driving in Europe including a brief road sign tutorial.  Basic break-in procedure will be explained, and if you still have any questions, now would be a good time to ask.  Congratulations, you are now the proud new owner of a BMW.

Moving to the East side of the building, you are now free to enjoy food and refreshments (including fine German Beer!) while you “soak it in” and savor the view looking down at the city of Munich and up at BMW’s four cylindrical-tower headquarters building through windows high up in the Welt.

And now, the time has come.  A friendly “car delivery specialist” will escort you down a long, elevated staircase leading down to the delivery floor.  You will stop half way to admire the brilliant headquarters building stretching up to the sky, with roundel glimmering in the sun.  Landing on the delivery floor your steps may quicken, anxious for the first few moments with your new baby.

Arriving at your car, the delivery specialist will walk you through the controls and electronic functions of your car.  They will assist you as you sync your cell phone to the cars Bluetooth and enter presets in the cars memory.  Slowly, the car begins to feel “yours.”

With a firm handshake it’s time to part ways and head for the open roads of Europe (although we suggest you try to avoid rush hour, for the roads won’t be very ‘open’).  Your tactile senses are heightened as you put the car in gear.  A timid toe explores the accelerator pedal, releasing a modest burble from the exhaust.  You drive the ramp along the building’s circumference leading down to the exit door.  Exiting the Welt you are free to explore a whole new world in your brand new car.

From all of us at BMWBLOG: congratulations on your new BMW and enjoy your journey – wherever it takes you.

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