Premiere: BMW 5 Series GT with M Sport package

5 Series | July 1st, 2011 by 19
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From autumn 2011, the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo will for the first time be available with an M Sport package which accentuates and intensifies the most dynamic facets of this model. The package comprises a range of aerodynamics, suspension and interior components which were developed specifically for this model and which heighten both the sporty driving qualities and the brawny appearance of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. The specification includes an M aerodynamics package, dark chrome tailpipes, lowered M Sport suspension and 19-inch V-spoke M alloy wheels with mixed tyres. Alternatively, 20-inch twin-spoke M alloy wheels with mixed tyres are available as an option.

A typical M feel in the interior is provided by sports seats upholstered in fabric/alcantara (Dakota leather for the BMW 550i Gran Turismo), an M leather steering wheel, M driver’s footrest, M door sill finishers, Palladium Grey interior trim strips and a BMW Individual roof lining in anthracite. In conjunction with the M Sport package, seven exterior paint finishes are available for the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, including M-exclusive Carbon Black metallic.

P90077734 655x487In addition to the regular optional equipment list for the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, various exclusive options from the BMW Individual range are also available. Four more BMW Individual paint colours will be on offer in future. These will include the BMW Individual exterior paint finishes Citrin Black metallic, Champagne Quartz metallic, matt-finish Frozen Grey metallic and matt-finish Frozen Silver metallic. Also new in the BMW Individual range for this model will be 20-inch V-spoke alloy wheels with mixed tyres. In conjunction with the optional comfort seats, the extended BMW Individual Merino leather trim will be available in Platinum/Black and Amaro Brown/Black.

The exclusive appearance of the seats, both at the front and at the rear, is finished off by contrasting piping. Matching leather BMW Individual interior trim strips in Platinum/Black and Amaro Brown/Black are also available. The stylish and exclusive ambience can be topped off with BMW Individual door sill finishers and a BMW Individual rear badge.

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19 responses to “Premiere: BMW 5 Series GT with M Sport package”

  1. Manchester Man says:

    looks like a pig with an m sport kit on it.

  2. Alex F says:

    seriously? whoever buys a 5 GT and expects to look “sporty” has serious issues in their head..i can’t imagine somebody buying this unless the dealer secretly slipped it on the options list

  3. Viper says:

    IF THEY ONLY made the front and rear more sleek like the rear from A7….this car would sell like hot cakes.
    its just ugly but I bet its spacious and comfortable but Im all about looks so , no.

    • T. says:

      You do realise that the A7 and 5er Gran Turismo are not seen as competitors by BMW or anybody who has proper knowledge of the two despite what certain factions of the media portray?

      BMW will rival the Audi A7 , Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klasse and the Porsche Panamera with the BMW 6er Gran Coupe.  BMW 5er Gran Turismo does not even fit into that segment.  

      • Viper says:

        dont care but this blog did compare those so ask them how can they compare a pig with beautiful.
        and by the way 6 GC is a total waste of time , it does not distance itselfmuch from a regular sedan , like A7 looks weird but different than a5 or a4 or a6….
        BMW lacks imagination and originality something that MB offers throughout their entire line up. see how wrong you are?

  4. Rob says:

    My dad has a GT and it’s a very comfy and big car, i didn’t like it at first, but you’ll start loving it after you drive it for a longer period of time. So refined and luxurious, yet it goes very fast and is economical. I think it looks good even without m-packet. I wouldn’t put m-packet on it though, i think its a better of being big and refined car, rather than sporty.

    • T7 says:

      I also own a GT. I agree with you, Rob. The car is very comfy, and having taken long road trips, which is what the GT is designed for, I think it is a perfect vehicle for that task. It is also surprisingly fast and agile for a vehicle of that size. 

      I also agree that it is not the sexiest car out there. I guess that is an obvious statement based on the level of disapproval being expressed in this blog. Perhaps, the M sports kit will make it a tad more edgy looking. I suspect that BMW will move, or develop a edgier design for the next generation. 

      There is definitely a market for this vehicle. Living in NYC the GT serves well as a means of handling large cargo loads without having to be locked in to a very conservative station wagon design. Believe it or not, this vehicle gets many nice comments. The front end looks very aggressive, but the tail end looks a bit hefty. However, i can assure you, this car will put any of the nay sayers on the edge of there seat when put to the test. Don’t let the size fool you.


      • Keith says:

        I bought a 550 GT for my wife last month. We have owned 650 convertibles , X5 4.8 , 2 , 550 sedans and I currently have an M5. I can honestly say that we love the GT ! It is smoking fast , agile and carries a ton of stuff ! Actually it’s more functional than the X5 ! And despite what some say here, we get a ton of great comments . I did add 20 inch wheels and gassed the run flats . Also changed the chrome trim to black . Sorry Guys ! These cars are awesome !!

  5. Efosa says:

    The GT is already the best selling BMW experiment yet! It’s high sales have even surprised the BMW bosses. So well done BMW for making a wild dream a great reality.

  6. Efosa says:

    The GT is already the best selling BMW experiment yet! It’s high sales have even surprised the BMW bosses. So well done BMW for making a wild dream a great reality.

  7. magnum.pi says:

    Most people who dis the GT have never driven one, much less own one. We own two and find them to be the most utiitarian of all the BMW’s we have owned thus far. Handling comparable to the rest of the top line BMW’s we have owned, cargo capacity comparable to the SUV’s, ride comparable to the 7 series. A look that is, yes, unusual. Bold and gets lots of comments. But drive one for 5 hundred miles with the multi-contour seats and the Sport Package and it’s incomparable.

    The A6 is a 4 seater and has no rear headroom. The GT seats 5, has theater seating in the rear, and can accomodate six plus footers with ease. Lots of legroom as well.

    Call it a pig with lipstick if you will. I’ve heard some female lawyers called the same in court, but if they win the case, who cares.   

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