When driving, safety comes first and car companies have been working closely with the governing bodies to ensure that the constantly increasing technology in our cars do not become a distraction for the driver.

Automakers, including BMW, rolled out several speech-to-text or text-to-voice technologies that allow the drivers to perform some “office functions” without taking their eyes off the road. With the introduction of the latest CIC-based iDrive, several opportunities opened up. The increased resolution of the LCD display (1280×480) is offering more real estate for the new BMW Apps and even some aftermarket mods.

The fellows at European Auto Source discovered that the new iDrive system sports the unofficial capability to play DVD movies, while in motion. The feature is currently available only when the vehicle is in park mode.

With the introduction of CIC-based iDrive, most users immediately noticed an increased display resolution of the CIC display (1280×480), which is particularly noticeable in full screen mode. A hidden gem of the CIC based iDrive units was the capability to play DVD movies – a feature only available while the vehicle is in park.

Their latest mod VideoinMotion removes the 3 km/h video interlock and allows the passengers and kids to watch DVDs on a long trip. The company’s mod comes with a huge disclaimer advising against watching video content while driving.

Don’t forget: safety comes first!