So what do you get if you just picked up a totally awesome BMW M3 Convertible and you have another $6,000 to spare? You dress it up with BMW Performance accessories, in this case, with carbon fiber parts and the Nascar-sounding M3 Performance Exhaust.

While the carbon fiber parts don’t really add much to the performance angle of the M3, they serve the purpose of giving the car a sexier look.  Without a doubt the carbon fiber is a very sought after automotive accessory and quite common on M3 vehicles, and shows the owner dedication to its car. This brings us to our “centerpiece”, the M3 Performance exhaust.


While it is unclear how much horsepower or torque it adds to the M3’s bottom line performance numbers, it sure does add a whole different element of sound. Yes, it saves weight, and has engraved M badging on the tips, but have a listen to the sound and a grin will appear on your face.

Keeping in mind that all new M cars have specific “break in” requirements, we didn’t want to rev this M3 past the 3,500 rpm mark. But trust me, this thing sounds WICKED! I must make a mental note…”when my next M3 comes in , order it with the M Performance Exhaust.”