BMWUSA releases a new video showcasing the advanced safety facility where crash tests are being performed. is a dramatic, tension-filled moment, where every detail has to be timed perfectly. Every modern car is characterized by the high level of passive safety that reduces the number of fatal accidents.

According to safety research papers, the number of fatalities on the road have decreased dramatically in the last years, partly due to the advanced development in the safety features of an automobile. Every automaker strives to achieve the highest rating in the European and U.S. crashing tests, an indicator that plays an important role in the marketing process of a car.

Hardly any customer is ready to compromise on safety and with so many options available within a segment, the final purchasing decision may come down to safety ratings.

Also, pedestrian safety has been a highly debated topic in the recent years and engineers along with designers are facing tougher regulations when designing or developing a car.

To learn more about crash tests, let’s have a look at the video below.