Earlier this year, BMW launched a new series of short films. Directed under the title BMW Documentaries – Wherever You Want To Go, the four chapters focus on future mobility and sustainability.

The online documentaries run between 4 and 10 minutes, and bring forward some important personalities that talk about mobility and future of cities: Marissa Mayer, Google Vice President, Blade Runner designer Syd Mead, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, ZipCar founder Robin Chase, Treehugger.com founder Graham Hilll, Ridelust.com editor-in-chief Mike Musto, BMW DesignWorks USA President Laurenz Shaffer and many others.

The short films were created by ad agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners.

Same agency is running a follow-up feature to the popular documentaries and through us they are allowing our readers to submit questions to some of the people feature in the films. The questions should be focused on issues brought up in the films and anything related to the future of mobility or electric vehicles.

Graham Hill (Treehugger), Robin Chase (ZipCar), Wai Cheng (Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT), and George Whitesides (Virgin Galactic), all featured in the documentary, have agreed to answer these questions.

The deadline for the submission is Tuesday, March 29th and the answers will be published on BMWBLOG by Monday, April 11th.

As a refresher, here are all the short films:

“Wherever You Want To Go” (Trailer)

BMW ActivateTheFuture – Chapter 1: THE NEW CITY

“The Future Just Isn’t What It Used To Be”

In the Future Will There Still Be Room On the Road For Muscle Cars?

“How We’ll Learn To Stop Worrying and Love the Future”