Let’s assume for a second that all of us will buy the next generation BMW M5, money is no object and the toughest choice is to select the right options. One of the first choices we make in a new BMW is picking the right transmission, and the 2012 M5 makes this choice even more difficult.

The rumors around the transmission choices in the F10 M5 have been going around for quite some time now, and contradictory reports first appeared in 2010. Just a few weeks back, Motor Trend broke the news with a highly speculative rumor: the 2012 BMW M5 to sport only an automatic transmission. Clearly a very bold and daring statement that heated up the BMW community.

The enthusiasts quickly gathered and expressed their founded concerns, but fortunately, the report was a hoax. We recently learned, in an unofficial way, that the 2012 BMW M5 will offer two transmission choices: a beefed up 7-Speed dual-clutch transmission and a manual gearbox. The 7-Speed DCT replaces the fast, yet controversial SMG offering, and the manual tranny caters to the purists.

Earlier today, we reported on a rumor coming from Germany that mentions the manual transmission as being an U.S. only option.

We would like to take the time to hear your input on this topic and also to allow you to vote on your favorite transmission for the new 2012 BMW M5.

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