2011 Geneva: BMW M3 in Melbourne Red Metallic

Auto Shows | March 1st, 2011 by 5
bmw m3 competition package 121 750x500

Along with the other emotional M product, the 1M, BMW displayed at the Geneva Motor Show a BMW M3 in the stunning Melbourne Red Metallic.

The M3 has still drawn plenty of attention from the crowd, mostly due to its aggressive look, the extensive use of carbon-fiber and its placement.

Inside, the extensive use of carbon fiber brings up the sportiness level and gives it a more exclusive look.

Enjoy the photos below!

bmw m3 competition package 14 655x438

5 responses to “2011 Geneva: BMW M3 in Melbourne Red Metallic”

  1. Scooter says:

    Carbon fiber is an amazing material and I’m delighted to see its increased usage in automobile manufacturing, although I’ve never been particularly fond of its appearance from a stylistic point of view. But what’s happened in automotive design over the past few years just makes it worse, as many low-end auto manufacturers include fake carbon fiber applique as a design feature. The end result? To my eye, at least, carbon fiber as a design element looks cheap, plasticky and tacky.

    The Melbourne Red Metallic paint scheme looks fetching, though. :)

  2. Ben says:

    SCDD – Same car different day. Enough about the cosmetic / color changes.

    BMW should cut the B.S. about the high cost of the M3 GTS engine and just offer it to the M3. Both Audi RS5 and Mercedes C63 made available higher power engines at relatively reasonable prices.

  3. empower says:

    bmw dont have to add more power the m3 is or ready top dog. and if you want to have the very best buy the gts if you can buy it in your country. the us never got the csl and i dont think they got the gts either. i got a feeling though the us will get something special in the form of an alms spin off. gts engine. wing and competion pack plus another 12 k

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