BMW Canada has just released pricing on their new X1 vehicle in the Canadian market.  [Update Feb 22nd]  The X1 has made an appearance at the show in plural form with two examples to be seen by the visiting crowds.  Be sure to take a closer look at the X1 if you attend the CIAS this year, and either way, take a closer look at our X1 coverage.  The X1 will surely represent a successful new niche from BMW if early sales figures in the European markets bear any indication.   We expect the X1 to sell extremely will in the NA market as well.

Pricing has been released at $38,500 MSRP for the base model without any option upgrades.

The X1 will fit well into Canadian life as a versatile daily driver that retains the closeness and connection to the road of the 3 series car that its chassis is based upon.  The X1’s all wheel drive system will be popular with Canadian drivers who frequent snow covered roads in their daily travels.  While the X1 does sit higher off the ground than its purely “car” based siblings, it will maintain a very sporty, lightweight feel among a sea of heavy SUVs in the market.

We love the X1’s looks and are certain of its success as many BMW drivers mature from their compact sport sedans, looking for something more practical while retaining much the same feel of their sport sedan.

Stay tuned for our BMWBLOG Drive Review in the coming months.