3D Design as a company has never felt the need to move quickly. Instead of offering cheap, low quality parts that a novice BMW enthusiast could acquire in a hurry, 3D Design favors a philosophy that is more true to the traditional Japanese style.

3D chooses to favor the enthusiast who is patient. Those seasoned veterans of the BMW scene who know that years of effort, experience, and development are what is needed to create a truly great product.

3D’s new E89 Z4 concept is no different. 3D has created a complete aerodynamics package that augments the factory lines of the car to create a race-inspired appearance that is unlike anything previously seen for the E89. The aggressive front splitter, side skirt extensions, and rear diffuser all augment the sporting nature of BMW’s newest Z car masterpiece.

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Their E89 concept also includes a powerful-sounding, valve actuated sports exhaust system, 8000 ton forged 19″ wheels, engine performance software, and a full gauge package to monitor the vitals of the Z4 as it’s being used the way BMW intended.

Please contact 3D Design North America for more information.