The 2011 Detroit Auto Show coverage continues with a new video showcasing the Head of BMW Group Design, Adrian Van Hooydonk and one of the BMW stars at the first international auto show of the year: BMW 6 Series Convertible.

With his usual charismatic speech and elegance, Van Hooydonk takes us around the 650i Convertible and points out some of the main design features.

Before we jump into the video, here is our take on the new 6er Convertible, from our editor Shawn Molnar:

On the exterior of the car, fluid shapes intercept hard lines and sharp creases. The stamped aluminum hood creases initiate from the hood roundel, and then curve away to the outer edges of the A-pillars – reminiscent of the bow wave following a speed boat. Along the side of the car we again see convex and concave shapes meeting at the shoulder line in a very bold, sharp crease that runs horizontally for the length of the car – now a trademark BMW design highlight. A thin sheet of water falling from the sharp edge of a waterfall comes to mind, then flowing over smooth, swooping rock surfaces.

DSC 0141 2 1600x12002 655x435Our full review can be found here.