Chris Bangle is back in the spotlight. created a documentary on Chris Bangle and allowed him to freely speak about design and his days at BMW, and in our opinion, this is the best interview/video we have seen with Bangle.

In February 2009, Bangle unexpectedly announced his leave from BMW Group, shocking the automotive world. A somewhat controversial designer, Bangle identifies with BMW’s history and design for nearly seventeen years, and his design ideas have been equally criticized and acclaimed.

To learn more about Chris Bangle read our editorial: Bangle’s Legacy.



American car designer Chris Bangle is best known for his work as the Chief of Design at the BMW Group. At the age of thirty-five, Bangle took the helm of design at BMW and stayed there for seventeen years becoming their longest serving director. During his sometimes controversial career at BMW, Bangle undeniably established himself as one of the most influential and important car designers of his generation, while BMW simultaneously passed Mercedes Benz to take the title of global leader in premium car sales. Well-known for standing by his designs and vehemently defending them against criticism, Bangle retired from BMW in late 2009, after introducing his stunning concept car GINA. In 2010, Bangle brought his extensive knowledge and unique insight of design to Melbourne, where he featured in Victoria’s annual design festival State of Design. caught up with Chris on his road trip to Bendigo, where he was giving one of his lectures on the Future of Personal Mobility.

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