H&R is the new Technical Partner of BMW Motorsport. The specialist for suspension components will be involved as the BMW M3 GT2 takes to the track for this year’s 24-hour races. The company has supported BMW driver Uwe Alzen (DE) for several years. This partnership has how been extended for the 2010 GT season. As a result, the H&R logo will not only be seen on the cars, helmets, trucks and driver overalls, but also exclusively on Alzen’s cap.

“The transfer of first-rate technology from motor racing to series production is the incentive for both BMW and H&R’s involvement in motorsport,” says BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen. “Due to the extreme demands placed on the car and its components, 24-hour races are the ideal test areas for technical innovations and new developments. We are looking forward to working together with H&R in this field.”


H&R is synonymous with suspension components “Made in Germany”. Based in Lennestadt (DE), the company uses international motor racing to test new materials and production technology on an accelerated time scale. The experience gained on the race track flows directly into the development and production of H&R suspension components.

The company employs over 100 motivated and highly-trained workers, who design, develop and manufacture springs, shock absorbers, spacers, stabilisers and other suspension components for customers all over the world.