CIAS 2010: BMW 760Li Individual – The Luxury of Choice

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Freshly starched shirt collars and cuffs reflect in the taught lines of BMW’s 7 series flagship sedan. As if not luxurious and exclusive enough, the …

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Freshly starched shirt collars and cuffs reflect in the taught lines of BMW’s 7 series flagship sedan. As if not luxurious and exclusive enough, the Individual series takes your driving experience to a whole new level. Yes, cuff links are required. And yes, James, your days as a chauffeur are numbered.

Among the enhancements the Individual series has to offer are additional color selections, infinite color selections, actually, as well as choice of materials. Leather and trim is hand picked and matched by your eyes, and no one else’s.

Would you like bright pink seatbelts? It can be done. What about the texture of this leather or the luster of that trim? That can be taken care of too. One of our greatest luxuries is choice, and choices are endless within the scope of BMW’s Individual series.

A potent V12 is scarcely concealed under a thin veil of aluminum. 544 Hp is in reserve, should your right foot wish to release it. 100 km/h is reached from a standstill in only 4.5 seconds. Of course, for those who purchase this car, poise and restraint is equally important to its raw performance. There may be no smoother running engine in existence than this seemingly electric 6.0 liter V12. A refined 8-speed transmission moderates your progress and ensures optimum efficiency all the while. The grace of the 7 series lithe body is unmatched by anything short of its eloquent sibling, the Rolls-Royce Ghost with which it shares its underpinnings.

For the man or woman that has everything, but is missing something, this could be the perfect car. They say that what you drive is a reflection of who you are. This car reflects focus, professionalism, accuracy, individuality and success.
For more information about BMW’s Individual series cars, please click here.

Please enjoy our exclusive photo gallery of the 760Li shot at CIAS 2010.

For an entertaining review of BMW’s 760Li pitched against Mercedes’ S63 AMG, please watch Top Gear’s video review below.

Photos Credit: Shawn Molnar

14 responses to “CIAS 2010: BMW 760Li Individual – The Luxury of Choice”

  1. Daniel H ( aka :p ) says:

    And this was the AMG model… If the 760 ran over an 63AMG, than a S600 would lose as well. Since Alpina claimes the B7 is a tenth of a second faster than the 760li, Lets pitch it up against the S65 AMG. 500 vs 600hp might seem unfair but then again, then Alpina is lighter and more Agile.

    • Jag says:

      that’s the same psychic guy who rated the boxy e-class above the 5-er no matter the 5-er is supreme in all aspects: exterior, interior, performance, handling, fuel consupmtion. no more comment needed.

      • plaxico says:

        i know that guy……that ” psychic guy ” as you call him, is a bigger bimmer fan than 90 percent of people here……..think about that

  2. BMfan says:

    Where’s Viper?

  3. viper says:

    speaking of……
    yeah good point palxico that 5er is a bit disappointment compared to E class and hes right he says that new 5er looks like outgoing model , the E60 however looks like the new 5er and its a bit more agile than the new one…great clip , shows the facts

  4. Babken says:

    BMW 760i is the KING of the high-end luxury segment. The S-Class and A8 are fighting just for the 2nd place. That’s the ultimate truth want it or not, plaxico and viper.

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