Only 8 days left until we arrive at CIAS, the Canadian International Auto Show.  We will be providing live coverage from the show, stay tuned for the latest from Toronto next week.

CIAS will host the release of the 7 series Hybrid and Z4 sDrive35is for the Canadian market.  We also have breaking news that the Mini Beachcomber will be present on display for the crowds in Toronto to enjoy.

Canadians living in the extra-urban environments of Toronto, Vancouver and the like will enjoy the impressive utility, functionality and style of Mini’s new Beachcomber.  With four doors, four accommodating seats and four wheel drive, those in more rural parts of Canada will also embrace the new Mini’s mild off road capability and excellent traction on snow covered or gravel roads. 


With snow melting and birds chirping, the arrival of BMW’s new focused sports car, the Z4 sDrive35is bodes well for engaging drives on some of the most beautiful, serpentine roads Canada has to offer.


And finally, for those who face a daily commute through Canada’s most congested cities, a new companion is awaiting you.  The new Hybrid 7 Series is sure to calm your senses while doing its part to reduce green house gas emissions.



The city of Toronto has adopted strict local by-laws that prohibit your vehicle from idling more than 3 minutes in a 60 minute period – at penalty of a steep $5,000 fine; compliance with this law is not easy in a city where grid-lock and heavy traffic are on the menu everyday.

Owners of the new 7 series Hybrid can rest easy knowing that BMW’s stop start engine technology is onboard – their new hybrid drive car can help save the environment while alleviating any anxiety of a harsh fine.  Once traffic clears, the ultra luxurious sports sedan can whisk them away with the efficiency and dynamics only BMW could meld together.

BMWBLOG is your online authority for BMW’s breaking news and reviews.  See you in Toronto.