A Controversial ///Moniker

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The new 1 series based ///M car is sure to be quick with very lightweight components and even more power on tap. Current spy shots …

The new 1 series based ///M car is sure to be quick with very lightweight components and even more power on tap. Current spy shots look promising with muscular rear wheel fenders and massive brakes all-round. Active aero will help cut through the air at speed.

With an M tuned N55 pushing a rumored 345 hp, the power of this ‘entry’ ///M model will eclipse the power of the vaunted E46 M3. While the 135i it’s based upon tips the scales at 1560 kg (3439 lb), the M car is currently on a vigorous diet and we can expect weight loss in the realm of 100 to 200 lb. Of course, we wish for more weight shaved off, but the reality of modern safety and comfort standards see things otherwise.

Still, this kind of power to weight ratio should yield pleasing results. The stock 135i was clocked at 4.7 seconds from 0-60 (Car and Driver); speculation is a dangerous game, but we can expect to see the new M car achieve 0-60 times below 4.5 seconds. With enough weight loss it may even eclipse acceleration times of the current E92 M3 (we don’t mind).

Burnout Ghost 655x438

New Efficient Dynamics technology will be in place to ensure the new M car is not only much faster, but also treads lightly on the globe. Expect to see impressive emissions figures when it’s released. True, this is not something enthusiasts typically drool over, but it does speak to the world-class engineering and technology in the car.

We are confident the M division will dial out the understeer that exists in the current 1 series, after all, the new M car’s natural habitat will be the track – a place where resistance to turn in kills lap times.
I for one desperately hope they reserve the “///M1″ name for a proper ///M supercar – a natural successor to the original ///M1. No idea how they would name it otherwise: ///M135, ///Mtii, ///M345 (hp), ///M Turbo, ///M we called it the one series and now we have no names left (that one’s kind of long), 1tii, ///M1tii, ///Mdrive, ///M1i, ///M1t, ///M135i, 135///M, ///M16t (1 series inline 6 turbo)?

Please… anything but ///M1, save that for the supercar fighting ///M Flagship. With such nostalgia and romance, the name is too legendary to use on anything but a BMW supercar – not to minimize this new ///M product.

In my humble opinion, if BMW brands it as a full M car than it must have M in the name. So as to maintain consistency in the moniker, it must also contain “1.” Keep in mind BMW broke away from tradition with the new X6///M and X5///M by placing the M behind the unique vehicle designation.

So, what will it be? Let’s see your take on the new ///M car’s proper name by selecting your choice below. If it’s not there, please add it in the comment section and we will add it too the list.
///M345 (hp)
///M Turbo
///M we called it the one series and now we have no names left (that one’s kind of long)
///M16t (1 series, inline 6, turbo)

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32 responses to “A Controversial ///Moniker”

  1. lennardt says:

    it’s an M-Version of 1series, so it has to be called M1. BMW shouldn’t make an exeption just for the old m1..

    • blackxs says:

      it disgusts me that you would say that

      imagine if BMW made an X3 M car and named it the M3.

      M1 is historical. I think it is alerady decided that it will be called what I voted for – and nobody else, the 135is. I am glad BMW can respect their history even when enthusiasts ca not.

  2. Lboogy says:

    The car sounds promising but I wonder will it be worth the money. Because if its 0-60 time is the same as the E92 M3, than your better off just getting a E92 M3. What do you think?

  3. wazon8 says:

    135 M – I think that they will choose the same coding method as in X5 M and X6 M cases.

  4. L1ndja says:

    I think that it should be named M1 regardless of them old m1..
    as for a super car bmw should build a 8series and then name the super car m8 and that’s it the rest is history

  5. Auday says:

    135i and an ///M badge on the other side. or ///M135i likr the old ///M535i and ///M635i, just leave the M1 alone.

  6. bunker says:

    If we’re following the X6/X5 naming conventions, wouldn’t it just be the 1///M ?

  7. adc says:

    I am from the camp that wants to see the car named logically, just like the rest of their passenger-based M cars – M1.

    Am I the only one not overly impressed by the old M1? In person it’s not as striking as a Lambo or Ferarri of the era, it’s not as fast, there was no new ground broken, really (unless you count the car’s tortuous birth) – in other words, I think it created far less of a splash than BMW originally hoped, or that they are currently trying to convince themselves of.

    The best feature of the car was the engine, and BMW got good mileage out of that one since a slightly modified version of it has powered M cars from 1985 all th way to 1993.

    I’ve seen/sat in one and was driven around the block, and the only think that stood to my attention was how crappy the interior was. By comparison, I absolutely love the rest of the contemporary BMW interiors…

    Again, just my opinion. M1 is what they should call it, if it’s a car engineered by the M division.

  8. Andrew says:

    Is it a true M-derived (full treatment) 1 Series? If so, 135tii or M135i (like the old 6ers) – Otherwise, if it is partially tuned like the upcoming 335is or 330i ZHP – then call it a 135iS and call it a day.

  9. Bert says:

    Just call it a 135iS and get it over with. Personally, I agree with adc, the M1 wasn’t all it is said to be. Sure, it was fast, sure it looked striking, but it was a flop.

    Since BMW is making the 335iS, just call the “M1” a 135iS and sell it. People will buy it, I am certain of that.

  10. CalebC says:

    I agree with many here. It’s an ///M 1-series so it’s an M1. If you must preserve the M1 moniker for some nostalgia i like ///M1-series or even ///M1er, but don’t see either of those actually happening.

  11. Denny says:

    Remember … Z4M and Z3M and MCoupe(s), M135i. Or if they actually use a different motor, then, M1xx.

  12. Jordan says:

    just an interesting note…. how does M1i start off at -1% lol… poor M1i, that’s not a fair start for it :P

    um.. really i have no idea what to call it. it should be called the M1, however the only reason i can think of why it shouldn’t would be because of a BMW supercar in the 70s that had the same name. depending on how tied you are to BMW’s heritage will probably determine if you will want to call it M1 or not. I think it really depends on what BMW has in the plans, the info that none of us really know. if they are planning on a M1 successor then i think the M1 name should be reserved.

  13. JRobUSC says:

    Bert, you beat me to it. Why is 135is not a choice? There’s going to be a Z4 35is and a 335is, both of which will have all kinds of M-bits on them, so it’s not like BMW couldn’t call this a 135is. Easy solution, plenty of precedent, and everyone’s happy.

  14. badger says:

    M1 does follows bmw’s typical naming, but the M1 should be left alone. Naming it the 135///M or 135is( like the z4) would be better. Sure, the M1 was not the best looking car in its day or fastest, but it was a special car. Anyways, like others have said, is this car really an M car? . Do the changes to tires, brakes, suspension etc really a huge difference to make it an M?

  15. Horatiu B. says:

    I kinda like the BMW 135M, sounds pretty powerful.

  16. Mike Messer says:

    How about the 135tii? It states both performance and leaves the ///M1 badge for if/when BMW gets around to designing/producing an M1.

    Most people forget that the tii goes back to it’s roots of the 2002tii. The 1 series is exactly that; a small, light-weight car that is front-engined rwd with 4 seats. NOT a mid-engined, rwd super car.

  17. NP says:

    Stop living in the past man! M1 should be used for this car. M10 should be reserved for the old M1 reincarnation.

  18. If this wasn’t a full ///M branded model – 135is to follow the Z4 and 335i siblings.

  19. Anthony M. says:

    Another name to be considered is 135 CSi or ///M135 CSi going back to the days of the e24 635 CSi or ///M635 CSi.

  20. Tiago Santos says:

    No expections please this should be the M1
    The older one super car should came back like the M….the one and only M

  21. The Lee says:

    I think the chances of them calling it an M1 are pretty damn slim; regardless of whether or not it’s been decades since the original M1, the M version of the 135 will not be a reincarnation of the original M1.

    My vote goes to 135 ///M. It’s the most logical solution, especially after they just released the X5 and X6 ///M.

  22. XC says:

    The M1 monicker is one full of tradition and history and although its pretty tempting to call the new 1 series based ///M car ‘M1’ I agree with The Lee that that name is just a no-no for the company (and upper ranks management). It will probably be called 135 M, so there goes my vote.

  23. Doug says:

    280 votes (as of yet). Not a bad turnout.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      :) remember when it all started? You’ve been with us from the beginning. Can’t believe the large community we have now.

      I’m still rooting for 135M, but the M1 sounds easy to say though and it reflect an M car.

  24. Doug says:

    I like the picture. It would be funny to see them snaking around a bit, inside the garage. Although.. if you look closely you can see the tire treads.

  25. BMW E34 owner says:

    for the love of god, don’t give it the name M1!!! Name it 135tii, like the older 2002tii!
    my reasons:
    – M1 was the first (and the only one i think) mid-engined car
    – M1 is pure legacy!!!
    – 135tii is the same as the 2002tii was: light weight, engine in the front, 4 seats, …
    – M1 still exists! come

    I think these are pretty obvious reasons :p and i also think that BMW would never name it M1 :)

    greets ^^

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