At the Detroit Auto Show 2010, MINI unveiled their latest concept, dubbed Beachcomber, the “MINI Moke” inspired vehicle serves the purpose of introducing the consumers and brand’s fans to the upcoming MINI Crossover that will debut at Geneva Motor Show in March.

The four-seater conept is built on an all new platform, MINI Beachcomber Concept has its roots back in the 1960’s Mini Moke, but with the new concept, MINI is finally moving away from the current round headlamp design.

The new concept measures 4007mm and the 2.6m wheelbase also offers great rear legroom compared with similar-sized cars.


The less conventional upright, tall and flat nose has a Moke influence and it has been designed to meet the new strict pedestrian safety regulations.

Visually, the car impresses with its unique approach to an all-wheel drive vehicles that looks and feels hipster at the same time. From the interior design and color choices, to the open top and massive front-end, the Beachcomber and its successor, Crossover (unnamed at the moment) will be a game changer for a company that used to focus on smaller, niche vehicles.

As we approach the Geneva Motor Show, we would learn more about the upcoming production model and the motoring available for it.

For now, enjoy the extensive photo gallery and more to come in the next days.

Photos by Andrew Nakhla