With a lot of pride and satisfaction, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to our sister german blog BimmerToday.de. Last year, Benny and I decided to launch a German version of our blog that will cover similar BMW stories, but with the focus on the German market.

Running a successful website already helped with the first steps. Since many German speaking readers were already reading BMWBLOG, we decided to go with a similar layout and approach which will make the transition smoother and offer a familiar environment. Benny took the “captain” role, while I moved into the co-pilot seat making sure that he has everything he needs to do his job right and offer BimmerToday’s readers the best and most complete BMW news.

Benny has always been a huge bimmer fan, despite the fact he drives a MINI and couldn’t get him to trade it for a 1 Series Coupe, but that’s another story…..His passion for BMWs has shown immediately in his writing and the readers soon came to embrace and support BimmerToday as one of the leading BMW news websites in Germany.


A year later, BimmerToday displays an average of 200,000 pages a month, 900 articles written so far and has a strong community behind it. With Frankfurt Motor Show approaching, I and Benny will cover a lot of news from Germany for both websites and we will have some more surprises for you.

Those of you that read BimmerToday, I would like to personally thank you for your support. As far as others, including myself, that don’t speak German, well….Benny is here to help us when interesting news occur in Munich and we will bring them to you as well.