The New BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition

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BMW is raising the bar again by releasing a new ultra fuel efficient luxury car at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The BMW 320d is powered …

BMW is raising the bar again by releasing a new ultra fuel efficient luxury car at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The BMW 320d is powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engine outputting 163 horsepower. Fuel consumption is rated at 4.1 liter/100 km or 57 MPG US.

Same with all the newer models, the aerodynamics of the cars have been improved increasing the fuel efficiency. As we have seen on the new X6 ActiveHybrid, BMW is paying attention to every dynamics details, including newly designed wheels.

The car will make its debut at the IAA next month and unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., the car will be available, at least for now, only in Europe. With 163 horsepower and congested Chicago traffic, this could be the perfect car for us.

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Press Release

Premium car maker BMW is further increasing its substantial lead in the development of particularly clean and at the same time very dynamic cars of the highest standard.

Teaming up with the BMW 320d, the new BMW 320d ¬EfficientDynamics Edition is being presented for the first time at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. This unique saloon combines fuel consumption of just 4.1 litres diesel/100 kilometres (equal to 68.9 mpg imp) and a CO2 rating of 109 grams per kilometre in the EU test cycle with engine output of 120 kW/163 hp.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine of this high-tech model boasts an all-aluminium crankcase, turbocharging with variable intake geometry and common-rail direct fuel injection complete with piezo-injectors. With the engine and the entire car modified once again for an even higher standard of efficiency, this unique saloon targeted above all at the German, Italian, French and Spanish markets comes with optimised aerodynamics, an extra-long final drive ratio, and an innovative two-mass flywheel incorporating a centrifugal-force pendulum.

All this makes the BMW 320d ¬EfficientDynamics Edition the most fuel-efficient and lowest-emission car in BMW’s current model range. In the fiercely contested midrange segment it is an unparalleled, highly attractive premium offer for the truly demanding and progressive customer focusing primarily on superior economy and the environment, without wishing to forego the sporting driving characteristics so typical of a genuine BMW.

The enhanced efficiency already offered by the existing models in the BMW 3 Series thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics making these cars superior to their competitors, is now raised to an even higher level in the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition.

[Source: BMW ]

9 responses to “The New BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition”

  1. Parker Despain says:

    I would love a 320d DD. The E90 is such the perfect handling car, you dont need tons of power to make it fun.

  2. AL says:

    Impressive numbers BMW! I guess 320d ED will be available with manual transmission only.

  3. Gil says:

    The US market must be a joke to them. Australia gets 15, and we get… 2. Effectively *one*, since the X5 35d is still a fuel guzzler by comparison.

    • Vitric says:

      Not even. I’m not sure what business tactics were involved when they sent over the most expensive, highest trim 3 series diesel model over as an introduction to diesel cars… this is what they should have used. Or a 5 series diesel.

  4. Gig says:

    US regulations are very restrictive for diesels (Nox have a threshold that in UE is not required)
    FOr this reason the 3 liters BMW 335d has been modified with a system that allows to reduce NOx emissions.
    They do not have the same technology for the 2 liter engine up to now,
    and maybe its cost is too high for the cost of the 2liter car

  5. Jeremy says:

    I think the best all of us can do in the US is continue to voice our willingness wherever, whenever to whomever will listen to purchase based on the spec of the 320d or other similar 4-cylinder diesel engines. Nothing speaks like the voice of the collective, prospective customers! Or to put another way, money talks!

  6. BMW Admirer says:

    BMW always managed to build great engines; in my opinion they are the best in this field. If you look at all the models from the last 10-15 years you’ll notice they always had best eficiency, best power-performance-consumption ratio.

    Engines is what they do best. And they do succeed to exceed themselves every time.

    In my car option list BMW is always number one even if the competition is pretty close.
    But they are still the best. We’ll have to wait and see how things are going to turn when we’ll have electric vehicles only.

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