If you already started scratching your head because of the ambiguous title, STOP, we’ll explain it in a second. Back in November at the L.A Auto Show, a small group of designers were competing in the L.A Auto Show Design Challenge.

The idea was to create some images of what eco-friendly racecars would be like in the year 2025. Tough task? No doubt, but it turned into an interesting, innovative challenge.


The BMW Group DesignworksUSA team worked on a hydrogen-powered model, named Salt Flat Racer.

MINI Space wanted to dig more into the idea behind this concept and sat down with the designers for a short interview.

“In realizing this car, the designers first began with the concept of reuse. They took pre-existing, every day materials, such as oil barrels and barbeque lids, and turned them into the main components–the body and wheels–of the car. They also envisioned the car producing fuel emissions clean enough to sustain life. In fact, they were so confident about the car’s ability to run on clean fuel, they decided to stick a few goldfish in there to prove it.”

You can read the full interview here, quite interesting.