How many of you have been facing this decision: leather vs leatherette in your BMW.  I have always been debating between the two options, or most recently, cloth. Each time, I ended up choosing leatherette before leather due to several factors: cheaper, I was leasing the car for two or three years and last, my significant other, is against leather products.

But before we go into the pros and cons of the two interior options, I want to let you know that we will not turn this conversation into an ethical one and an animal welfare topic. I completely understand everyone’s point of view, but this article is not about that.




  • a higher resale value for your car
  • it “breathes” better
  • it becomes softer as time goes by
  • it’s a clear indication of luxury in a car
  • a unique smell, pleasant for many
  • more color options and types of leather


  • more expensive
  • wears out faster
  • the maintenance on it is costly and time consuming
  • not the best choice if you own a pet
  • it scratches easier
  • it cracks faster
  • it feels colder in the winter




  • cheaper
  • almost same look as leather
  • wears better and can be kept in perfect shape for many years
  • easier to clean and maintain, wiping it down with water it’s enough sometimes
  • no need to worry about resale value, only if you’re leasing the car
  • pets friendly, not easy to scratch or crack
  • BMW’s leatherette is one of the best out there


  • it doesn’t feel as good as leather
  • in the heat of summer, it feels somewhat rubbery and sticky
  • no resale value
  • considered a downgrade by many luxury cars consumers

Anything else that I have missed? What did you order and why?