Requirements: BMW Assist option in your car. It happened to most of us to lock our keys in the car while away from home without the possibility of getting the spare or valet key to open the car.

What do you do then? Well, what most of us do, we call for a towing company to come and try to unlock your door, true, not the best option, but the fastest. The other option is to call the BMW Customer Service number on your card and they will send someone out for you, you’re feeling already a little better about this, right? Ok, stop right there, what if I tell you that you could have your car unlocked remotely? That’s right, it is possible, we’re in the 21st century so technology is not a mistery to us. But there is one requirement: you have to the BMW Assist option in your car.

What is the BMW Assist? Quoting the website:

“To enhance your BMW driving experience, the BMW Assist system offers safety, security and convenience services at the touch of a button. Using advanced technology, BMW Assist connects you with a trained response specialist to help you with almost everything, from an emergency situation to directions and traffic information. The BMW Assist system includes Bluetooth’s hands-free calling capability with speech recognition. For 2007 models, the BMW Assist Safety Plan is available as part of Ultimate Service at no cost for 4 years from your BMW’s in-service date.”

In other words, your car has a tracking device on it and it communicates via satellite with the BMW Assist department. This option is very useful in case of theft, accidents or simply car breakdowns.

So, verifying your info, the BMW agent goes through certain steps on his computer, then all you need to do is to go to the trunk, hold the button for 10 seconds and then do it again after 10-15 seconds and repeat until the driver’s door unlocks. This could take up to 15 minutes, but usually that’s not the case.

In most cases, the first press and hold produces some dash warning lights and the second push opened the door.