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This will be an interesting model offered by BMW, and in my opinion, a very unexpected move, probably in order to compete with the new …

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This will be an interesting model offered by BMW, and in my opinion, a very unexpected move, probably in order to compete with the new Audi’s models. With BMW X5 and X6 behaves it completely similarly as with the Coupes of the 6er-Reihe, which represent the sporty and noble counterpart to the 5er-Limousine. Erlknig photos of the X6 show rather box BMW as a sport SUV. That does not have to be however the last word At the beginning of of 2008 celebrates a completely new BMW premiere, from which it is called company intern, it justifies a completely independent vehicle segment.

The four-door area Coupe X6 is to connect the technology and the all wheel qualities of the new X5 with seeming a Coupes. The Design expels the beginner clearly as Mitgliedder X-family and shows a mixture from swinging lines and SUV elements. On the inside the passengers are to be able to enjoy the Ambiente of a luxury Coupes , are to be heard. The cockpit should be more strongly driver-oriented arranged than in the X5. New X6 as Porsche opponents The X-Coupe is on the road an enormously stately feature , means a BMW Insider and puts after: It make for will fun to annoy Porsche on the motorway. A condition for it are strong engines.

The X6 is to be equipped with the strongest in each case aggregates the straight revised X3 and X5-Baureihen. As Diesel offer the new 3,0-Liter-Twin-Turbo with 286 HP from the X3 is to be used. Thus the SUV Coupe might accelerate in approximately seven seconds on 100 km/h. As Benziner 306 HP strong turbo-direct A SPLASHEs from the 335i as well as the 4,8-Liter-V8 with 367 HP are applicable from the X5. Later a V8-Turbo-Direkteinspritzer with approximately 420 HP is to provide for sports car-ripe road performances and acceleration values of under six seconds on 100 km/h. A M-version of the X6 is not planned however, since all wheel and SUV models apply with BMW as incompatible with M-philosophy. Direct transmission when desired

The X6 is equipped with the BMW six-course mechanism, which is characterised by short switching times and early employment of the transducer bypass, which is to contribute to a dynamic driving feeling. The automatic selector in the style of a modern Joysticks sits thereby on the center console and permits in the manual position an extremely fast operation of the mechanism by hand. As addition a new direct transmission is planned. Chassis-laterally BMW wants to develop the regulation further of the xDrive all-wheel drive. Adaptive drive , a combination from active Wankstabilisierung by electric motors at the stabilizers plus variable shock absorber identification, is to give it at least against surcharge. The very directly acting active steering element, which speed-adapts automatically in the translation, is likewise when desired available. With a length of approximately 4.90 meters by the way the distorting shank of the X6 becomes the new X5 clear.

The camouflage cannot hide it completely: The roof of the X6 drops to the rear. The camouflage starting from the B-column is put on only and pretends a straight line.

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Contrary to the technical brother X5 the belt line rises to the rear clearly with the new sport SUV. To recognize is at the door handles, which are attached at different heights.

bmw x6

bmw x6