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The History Of The BMW X6

Paying respect. That’s what usually has to be done when a successful car model is replaced by the new kid on the block. BMW X6 is certainly a successful model, nearly 240,000 units have been…

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2013 BMW X6M Review – Video

2013 BMW X6M review by The Truth About The Cars. The 27 minutes long road test gives us a complete look at the M model with xDrive. Since its introduction as a 2010 model, the…

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BMW celebrates 100,000 units sold worldwide

The BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe just hit its first milestone. BMW announces that the X6 Coupe units reached 100,000 worldwide. BMW X6 came to break the stereotype of a BMW vehicle back in 2008…

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Manhart Racing M6XR based on BMW X6M -687 hp

Press Release: Bold statement: 687 hp & 319 km/h! Doubtless, it takes some degree of nerve to approach a vehicle of the calibre of an X6 M. The über-SUV is powered with a V8 twin…

BMW M product range as from the autumn of 2010

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Videos: BMW X6 M Test Drive at Road Atlanta

I am back from the BMW X6 M International Media event and I can certainly say that I had fun. Driving the new BMW X6 M has been the highlight of this year for me…