BMW X2 has been spotted in Spain

BMW X2 | August 4th, 2016 by 25
2017 BMW X2 spy photo 2 750x500

Next month at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW will introduce to the world the BMW X2 Concept. Initially to be unveiled in a concept …

Next month at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, BMW will introduce to the world the BMW X2 Concept. Initially to be unveiled in a concept form, the new BMW crossover will follow in 2017 with a production series vehicle. Ahead of its unveil, BMW engineers continue to test the X2 platform in different parts of the world, like for example in Spain where this X2 prototype was spotted.

The future BMW X2 will be based on the X1, which will share the UKL platform on which the 2 Series Active Tourer is also constructed on. That means that future compact SUV will be a front-wheel drive vehicle that can be optionally equipped with a four-wheel drive. At the time of its launch, it will offer three and four cylinder turbo engines with power between 136 and 231 hp. In addition to the optional xDrive, the future BMW X2 will offer an automatic transmission and a Sport automatic transmission, and virtually all options available seen on the BMW X1.

2017 BMW X2 spy photo 1 750x500

Given its focus on a more sporty coupe, a the future M Performance variant with an output around 300 hp will also be offered.

Aesthetically, the nose of the X2 will share all the features of his brother BMW X1, but from the B-pillar forward will sport a more risky design. The X2 will have its own personality, with a line sloping ceiling and a completely new rear-end.

The X2 will be produced alongside the new X1 at BMW’s Regensburg factory in Germany.

2017 BMW X2 spy photo 3 750x500

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25 responses to “BMW X2 has been spotted in Spain”

  1. Giom says:

    This should look great! looking foreword to the unveiling.

  2. SF Dede says:

    Looking forward to it as well. Is the m performance version to be available from the start? Any word on when the X2 will be offered in the US?

    May be the closest we ever get to a BMW hatch here.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      well its direct competitor to the GLA and that has an AMG version so probably will have M performance

    • Joseph Trader says:

      It is coming for both the X1 and X2. Scott26 a well known poster on Bimmerpost who works for BMW has confirmed they will both arrive late 2017

  3. WiscoNative says:

    Am I the only one unenthused about this? That rear end looks just like every other crossover on the market, it doesn’t stand out as “This is the understated-but-classy design of BMW!”

    Honestly it just looks like a BMW CX-3, to me.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      People that ask “am I the only one” are very rarely the only one.. they simply seek public confirmation of their own opinions in a self-centric manner. “Who else is…” is a much more inclusive, and less egotistical way of making the same point…

      .. just saying.

      I’m enthused about this, the grille appears to be more aggresively raked forward than the X1.. perhaps a signal of how the next gen 1-er will look.

      • WiscoNative says:

        Nicely said, and something I’ll consider that phrasing in the future.

        • StupidZombie says:

          Nice to see there are still some people than can accept criticism in a mature and adult way without taking it personally and getting offended, and replying using curses.

      • A. Nony Mous says:

        Am I the only one who thinks Matt’s suggestion regarding public confirmation is a great idea?
        : )

    • Me says:

      I’m enthused about the X2 because I’ve always wanted a BMW hatch stateside and this is the closest we’ll ever get (probably), but like you I’m not thrilled with the rear end. I don’t like how the rear bumper curves up and makes the hatch opening impractically smaller than it needs to be in the bottom corners. Square that crap off and give me more utility. It doesn’t help that the bumper line comes up really high, too.

      The CX-3 is a good looking vehicle (for a crossover) if you ask me. I wouldn’t mind sporting one myself.

      • WiscoNative says:

        I agree that the CX-3 looks good, but I just wish BMW had been more distinctive with their design. Without seeing the wheels or the grille, people might not know the difference.

        Also, just curious, how would you say this X2 differs in hatchback-ness from, say, an E84?

        • Me says:

          It’s very similar in my opinion. proportion wise I think the X2 is closer to a successor to the E84 than the F48. But the E84 roofline isn’t as raked and the bumper doesn’t curve as much into the bottom corners, giving the E84 a taller and slightly wider hatch opening (er, “CUV trunk” opening *cough*). Also, due to the width (visually since I don’t know actual specs), the X2 does look more like a CUV that’s had it’s roof cut lower, versus the E84 that still maintains a wagon-like proportion, just raised ride height. I’m actually a big fan of the E84.. just walked past one this morning. :)

          Anyway, I agree with you. So far the X2 isn’t looking very special or unique in camo guise. I’ve heard it’s supposed to compete with the GLA and the Evoque. The Evoque is damn sexy in my eyes and the X2 isn’t anywhere near it. It looks like a clunkier GLA, unfortunately. I’m also a fan of the GLA. Pretty sleek looking as well.

          It pains me to say this, but the X2 actually looks like a Dodge Caliber with the edges more rounded versus square. :/

    • Max says:

      You know that this is a masked car? Of course the rear looks weird, its on purpose :D
      Still dont understand people who are complaining already, before they actually have seen the real car…

    • Joseph Trader says:

      Why don’t you wait until you see it without the wrap.

      • WiscoNative says:

        I mean, I can see the basic shape and the rake of the rear window already. The angle is my main complaint.

        • Senne says:

          It’s really hard to actually see how the car will look without camo. You might be surprised of how good looking it will be! I can’t wait for it to be unveiled. :)

    • nozydog says:

      Not quite sure how you can say that when it’s still so heavily disguised!! Looks to have quite a reasonable outline with a high waistline and narrow rear glasshouse with muscular shoulders! Just hope it doesn’t have the X1 headlamps, which look fine on the X1 but this needs a sharper set of lamps in my opinion!

  4. nozydog says:

    Really looking forward to seeing this, been wanting a nice compact SUV for ages and the evoque, although even 5 years on an absolute stunner, will no where near match the driving dynamics of this. Just hope this looks as good as as it could and that BMW consider it worthy of their new headlamp designs rather than just stickin X1 lamps in there!! Some of the renders look really good so let’s hope they get it right!

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