Top Five BMWs women might enjoy the most

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One of my favorite parts of both motorsport, and car enthusiasm in general, is that it’s completely gender neutral. I’m no activist or anything, but …

One of my favorite parts of both motorsport, and car enthusiasm in general, is that it’s completely gender neutral. I’m no activist or anything, but I find it cool that literally everyone can come together and love cars. Cars are a fantastic medium to bring everyone together. More and more women are getting involved in cars and motorsport, shattering idiotic stereotypes about women drivers and and it’s a really exciting time because of it.

When going to car shows and searching through forums, there are equal parts women and men who are fans of BMW as a brand. It’s a brand that can bring everyone together because it has such an array of great cars that there’s something for everyone. So let’s take a look at the top five BMWs for our fellow lady enthusiasts.

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5. BMW X1

I’m not exactly sure why, but the majority of women I talk to about cars like small, fun SUVs. There’s something about the higher ride height and “rugged capability” that women like. But since they typically want something with a sportier ride and feel, the X1 is the perfect car. It offers that sensible and practical package that many women like but it’s also very fun to drive and has a sporty demeanor. So it’s perfect for those women who love the blend of practicality and performance that it can provide. It’s also good looking and very stylish, something I’ve found women value far more than men, in terms of cars.

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4. BMW Z4

Maybe it’s just us men who love women in convertibles and not women actually loving convertibles, but I feel like the Z4 is perfect for the woman-enthusiast. It’s still great looking, despite its age, has excellent performance and a kick-ass folding metal roof for sunny days. It has quite a lot of duality to it as well, being both stylish and comfortable when you want it to be and also fun and fast when you want it to be. So a female enthusiast can drive around in it with the top down and when some creepy dude next to her at the stop light starts making comments, she can burn him off the line. Perfect.


3. BMW i3

Fashion is weird, as something that is typically considered high fashion is usually considered hideous by the masses. It’s something that’s quite polarizing, you either hate it or love it but either way can’t stop looking at it. The BMW i3 is something that’s very polarizing. It grabs people’s attention no matter where it goes. For the lady enthusiast who also like a bit of fashion, the i3 is perfect. It’s interesting looking and different. It’s also refreshing and different, it offers a driving experience other cars simply cannot. The i3 is also quick, handles well and extremely efficient. It’s fashionable and stylish but its beauty isn’t just skin deep, as it packs advanced technology and performance. So that’s something many women can appreciate, as its beauty is on both the outside and inside.


2. BMW M235i

Who says women don’t like having tire-smoking fun as much as men? Well, whoever does would be wrong. The BMW M235i is one of the most fun cars on the market and probably the most fun in its price range. It’s so much fun, it can actually sway the minds of drivers who typically don’t like sports cars. I can attest to that, as my wife is usually a fan of SUVs, Jeeps, Land Rovers, X5s and the like, however she absolutely adored the M235i press car I had for a week and didn’t want to give it back to BMW. She loved how much fun it was and the way it looked. So the BMW M235i isn’t only good for women enthusiasts, but for basically everyone. It’s also available in a convertible, which makes it extra appealing.


1. BMW i8

For the very same reasons the i3 would be a great BMW for women, the i8 would be as well just more so. The i8 is visually stunning and is one of the best looking cars in ages. It’s a masterpiece of visual design and is something so stylish that it’s hard for anyone not to love. And just as the i3’s beauty isn’t skin-deep, the i8’s isn’t either. Underneath its gorgeous body lies a combination of both brains and brawn that I’m not sure can be matched by any other car under seven figures. The BMW i8 is gorgeous and smart and strong, kind of like  Charlize Theron. So for that reason, the BMW i8 is the best BMW for the lady enthusiast.

17 responses to “Top Five BMWs women might enjoy the most”

  1. Daniel Johnson says:

    Since cars and the automotive culture are gender neutral, shouldn’t the title just read Top 5 BMW’s?

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the list, just not sure I understand the purpose of this post. My fiancee would not get caught dead in an X1 (read: SUV) or Z4 (read: convertible), but she quite likes the i3, i8, and M235i. Being small she found the cabin size of the F30/F80 uncomfortable to drive in, as her elbows couldn’t reach the arm rests, but the F22 was just the right size.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      All we wanted to show was a list of cars that are or could be very popular with women. That’s all. Let’s not turn this into something that wasn’t meant to be.

      • John says:

        It’s funny cause in the auto industry, what women want is REALLY important. You can’t run a car company and just assume cars are gender neutral. Women in hetero relationships have A LOT of influence on which cars the couple chooses. I don’t understand all these SJW comments!

  2. Chris Llana says:

    Blatantly sexist article. No other way to put it.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      We’re far from that. Or anything negative. It’s simply a list of car that we believe women would enjoy. Nothing more. The article was pretty clear about that.

      • Chris Llana says:

        Nico should have known better, right after he correctly declared that car enthusiasm is “completely gender neutral.” He should have deleted the file right there and moved on to his next post. As Daniel Johnson wrote in his comment, why not title the post “Top 5 BMWs”? Or how about “Top Five BMWs for Men”? That wouldn’t make any more sense than “Top Five BMWs for Women.”

        People often don’t recognize their own deeply engrained biases. Biases most often are based on stereotyping. For you or Nico to decide what cars women would enjoy is stereotyping. Any women on staff? She could tell us what cars she enjoys, and why, but she couldn’t speak for half the world’s population.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          I asked him to write the article and we talked before if this is sexist or not.

          Yes, women on staff and she said BMW i8 and i3.

          If this is sexist, then the Oscars are also, and many other things.

          Remember that we did Top 5 for pretty much everything, including college students, people with lower income, etc…is that discrimination?

          We even chose some hardcore vehicles in this article, no soft ones or Active Tourers.

          Again, no one can ever say we’re sexist. We don’t post photos of women from auto shows, we don’t do any photoshoots with models – aside from a classy BMW i8 one – so no one can ever say that I or Nico are sexists. Far from it!

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Furthermore, the female on staff is the one in the BMW i8 photos :) And she drives my i3 EVERY DAY.

          • Chris Llana says:

            You should ask her to write the companion (parody?) article, Horatiu — “Top Five BMWs men might enjoy the most.” Seriously! She could poll her women friends, and give us all a different perspective on this issue (the view from the other side). I’m sure it would pull down huge page view numbers :-)

          • Horatiu B. says:

            She’d do it. She’s Cool :)

          • Chris Llana says:


  3. Kaisuke971 says:

    My mom thinks the Active Tourer is pretty much the best thing on the road right now (besides the B class, but she admits it’s just brand bias)… I’m surprised not to see the most feminine car (let’s be honest we know the targeted audience) they make here.

    Btw the car i like the most to see a woman in is the F13, M6 or not. Just the F13. Check out Scott Smith BMW’s reviews on YouTube and… You’ll get what i mean haha.

  4. Denuyl says:

    Look at pick #1 and you know: the I8 is NOT a lady”s car. It’s impossible to enter and/or leave in a gracefull manner!


  5. John says:

    My sister had M3 coupe. She loved it. Used a bit too much gas for her though.

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