DINAN’s BMW 1M is up for sale

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DINAN’s own tuned BMW 1M just up for sale on Craigslist. The heavily tuned 1M has an asking price of $79,000. Back in January, BMWBLOG …

DINAN’s own tuned BMW 1M just up for sale on Craigslist. The heavily tuned 1M has an asking price of $79,000. Back in January, BMWBLOG went to California to sample this special 1M and left quite an impression on us. The drive review can be found here.

When it went on sale in 2011, the BMW 1M had a base price of $47,030, but most dealerships were charging a hefty premium.

Let’s see the ad.

DINANs BMW 1M is up for sale

A drivers car; small, lightweight and fun to drive, the 1M Coupe from Dinan has nimble handling and a tremendous amount of grip. Mated with the powerful BMW N54 Dinan twin turbocharged engine, this is a track day car on Sunday and daily commuter car come Monday. Dinan makes the direct injection BMW N54 engine breathe with 14psi of boost pressure producing 444 horsepower @ 6300 rpm and 450 Ft Lbs of torque @ 3300 rpm. Sporting a carbon black exterior with matching charcoal interior and a manual 6 speed transmission this rare BMW specimen is a spectacle to behold. With only 740 being sold in the US the 2011 BMW 1M is sure to just increase in value and become a collector car in the future. In the meantime however the overwhelming urge to grin from ear to ear will just have to be enough.

This car was prepared by Dinan in Morgan Hill as a development and media car and is now offered for sale. Road & Track magazine called this very car “Brutally Perfect”.

Handling Features & Upgrades

• The 1M comes from BMW with wide fender flares and the same brakes as the E92 M3
• Dinan springs and coil over suspension kit for adjustable ride height and camber adjustment
• Front thrust arm monoballs and rear suspension toe links for maintaining precision handling
• Dinan 3-way adjustable tubular front anti-roll bar for reduced unsprung weight and body roll control
• Salisbury limited slip differential for reducing wheel spin coming off the corner and putting the power down
• Lightweight BBS CH-R wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Performance Features & Upgrades

• Dinan performance engine software that optimizes boost pressure, fuel mixture, and ignition timing while also raising the engine rev limit and removing the top speed governor
• Dinan stainless steel performance exhaust adds power and gives the 1M a sound that let you know it means business
• Larger turbochargers with updated wastegates from Dinan for improved boost control
• Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake feeding additional air into the larger compressor wheels of the turbochargers
• Larger volume intercooler for cooling the intake charge of the additional boost pressure
• High capacity engine oil cooler is also added for additional cooling of the engine
• Although not installed an Akrapovic downpipe will also be available

  • roadkillrob

    I wonder how many people look for 80k cars on craigslist?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      It might show in Google Searches, so it helps

  • roadkillrob

    Going price is 55-60k for babied examples of these cars, even with all the Dinan junk they have done to the car, they are looking for 20-25k over the asking price of pristine low mileage non abused non press cars. Guess they are shooting for the stars and pricing it like they price everything at Dinan!

  • dinansucksballs

    lol who wants to buy an abused test car for 25k over mint condition examples. Yeah they’ve stuck some crap with a dinan badge but who cares, that stuff is both underwhelming and overpriced to begin with.

    • jason bourne

      Total agreement.

      Most Dinan stuff is overblown, overhyped, and overpriced junk.