Photo Comparison: New F15 BMW X5 vs E70 BMW X5

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The new F15 BMW X5 has been unveiled earlier today. Compared to the outgoing model, the new X5 is 1.25 inches longer, 1/2 inches shorter, …

The new F15 BMW X5 has been unveiled earlier today. Compared to the outgoing model, the new X5 is 1.25 inches longer, 1/2 inches shorter, and about 1/4 inches wider. The length of the new BMW X5 is 192.3 in (4,886 mm), width is 76.2 in (1,938 mm) and height is measured at 69.3 in (1,938 mm). The wheelbase is 115.4 (2,933 mm), compared to 115.5 (2,933 mm) for the E70 model.

Despite the increase in weight, the xDrive35i model is lighter by 170 lbs while the xDrive50i lighter by 230 lbs than its predecessor.

The new BMW X5 comes with three distinctive lines: xLine, Luxury and M Sport, all available at launch time in September.

Bild Vergleich BMW X5 F15 E70 LCI 2013 04 655x655

Design wise, the F15 X5 builds atop the current model and has some design cues from the X3. The Air Curtains make a debut on the X models with the new X5, along with the Air Breathers on the side. For the first time BMW introduces Vertical Aero Blades that work in conjunction with the roof spoiler.

Furthermore, to improve aerodynamics, the new BMW X5 features air deflectors on the front wheel arches. The interior looks classic BMW and again isn’t braking new ground but has added nice enhancements such as an button activated tailgate, larger storage compartments.

The all new X5 still has short overhangs with a stretched wheelbase and just like the second generation X5 can remarkably accommodate available third row seating

Inside, BMW fitted a new 10.2 inch free-standing LCD display controlled by the new iDrive Touch knob. BMW continues to offer optional third row seats.

Bild Vergleich BMW X5 F15 E70 LCI 2013 06 655x655

As always, BMWBLOG has put together a visual comparison with the previous generation E70 BMW X5. Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


18 responses to “Photo Comparison: New F15 BMW X5 vs E70 BMW X5”

  1. Matt says:

    What the hack is going on with the new BMWs? Trying to set new standards for an ugly car? First it came with a hideous 5 series GT, then the boring 5 series (BMW doesnt even bother to design a new interior for 5 series, instead copy and paste the 7 series interior, which makes 7 series losing its prestige as a flagship), after that it continues with a horrible 3 series GT (slightly better than 5GT) and now even come with such a “MASTERPIECE” design for one of its best selling models? Its interior is nothing special at all, even see reminiscence of Lexus GS… Can you see that Mercedes is raising their game with their S Class and CLA while you’re keep coming up with cars like this? Hopefully 4 series would look better but yeah, its interior will just be the same as the 3 series. Totally disappointed btw the tail lights of the new X5 look like watermelons lol

    • Mateo says:

      i thought i as the only one who thinks like this – but i’m not!!!

      front and inside is better in f15, e70 looks better in rear and side.

      BTW. according to bmw press release

      e70 x50i -2145kg

      f15 x50i -2250 kg

      where did you find
      so “…while the xDrive50i lighter by 230 lbs than its predecessor.” W T F??

  2. ShunYat Cheung says:

    this thing is hideous, what’s wrong with BMW lately?

  3. Blake says:

    The downward spiral continues at BMW

  4. PR says:

    Whoever was responsible for the overall design obviously harbors utter contempt for cars in general and BMW:s in particular. I don’t think I have ever seen such a disappointing thing wearing a BMW badge, the X1 included. This clearly is as ill-concieved a design proposal from BMW as there has ever been. Clumsy, ill-proportioned, heavy-looking, non-descript exterior which lends the F15 an appearence so apologetic it looks like it is actually ashamed of sporting a BMW grille. Which it should. And as for the interior, well, the best thing you could say about that is that it perfectly mimics the exterior’s complete lack of fresh design ideas.
    What a mess.

  5. Nomad says:

    No “freude am” design, double impression… The
    strange shape of headlights and top line of a butt joint of a splashboard and bumper.

  6. Ray Afzal says:

    Hideous! looking to upgrade to a new gen x5… looks like a giant x1 with a massive grille?! Interior great, but its the exterior people look at and i dont want to be seen driving this wreck! never thought i would have to say this but audi sq5 me thinks…

  7. mcMAC says:

    they could have just split the headlights from the grille and it would look better….the headlights are too long making it look disproportionate

  8. Lucky13 says:

    You could show a Ferrari in that Turd Brown and it would look bad. Why show a new vehicle in a horrible color that doesn’t look good no matter what car it is. 80% are either black, white or a silver/gray and a brown terd is a brown terd.

  9. Tinky-Winky says:

    The previous gen feels old now.

  10. Advanced Spark says:

    I think E70 was a hard to beat design, and they failed making the newer F15. I remember those days when a new model came out it was actually desirable, made a new statement with good looks. The new X3 looks better than the old, because the older wasn’t anything special to begin with, however they should have worked harder to better the X5, E70 is universally good looking, it will look good 30 years later. They are taking the same direction with all other SUV makers which failed with their newer designs. Range Rover and Infiniti QX80 atop.

  11. mandla says:

    BMW must look for a new designer and if they don’t get please go and rehire the previous one bcoz he/she was creative. The latest models are not exciting at all. I am a BMW driver myself 323i 2010 model but for me to upgrade the lights with new model its very expensive exercise.
    coming to the 5series, the M5 and the rest look alike the only difference is the tail pipe…BMW pull up your socks otherwise we will change to other brand…

  12. Douglas Allchin says:

    E70 cleaner more elegant design, and not as fussy as new model. By the way it’s breaking new ground not braking new ground.. :-)

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