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BMW X5 | February 28th, 2013 by 10
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The new 2014 BMW X5 will kick off its production lines in August of this year while the production of the current E70 model ends …

The new 2014 BMW X5 will kick off its production lines in August of this year while the production of the current E70 model ends in July 2013. BMW has yet to reveal when the F15 X5 will be introduced to the public but we expect to see the high-seller SAV making at appearance next month at New York Auto Show. First leaked photos of the X5 surfaced back in January.

Ahead of its debut, BMW dealerships are starting to receive the ordering guides that give us a look at the options, paints and upholsteries for the new X5. The following exterior colors will be offered for the F15 X5: Alpine White, Black, Black Sapphire Metallic, Carbon Black Metallic, Space Gray Metallic, Dark Graphite Metallic, Mineral White Metallic and Sparkling Brown.

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The F15 X5 is based on the architecture of the 5 Series which provides significant contribution to weight reduction – more than 100 kilograms – despite the ever growing dimensions – along with a sportier driving experience. The lower weight also lays the groundwork for smaller engines to be used in the X5, like both petrol and diesel four-cylinder units.

Inside, the customers will have a choice between Black Leatherette and Black Dakota Leather, Canberra Beige Dakota, Terra Dakota, Ivory White Dakota and Mocha Dakota with contrast stitching.

First introduced with the new 1 and 3 Series models, pre-configured packages / lines will be offered for the X5 as well, starting with the Luxury Line (ZLL), xLine (ZXD) and ending with the M Sport Package. The Luxury Line and xLine will also come with exclusive Line-specific 19″ wheel (optional upgrade to 20“ wheels) and a unique car key.

See below for more details on the options for the 2014 BMW X5:

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10 responses to “New 2014 BMW X5 – Ordering Guides”

  1. BeEmWe says:

    For me this the most exciting upcoming launch! I kept wondering why everyone was talking about the new X5 being launched around Fall 2013! Now this is right! Lauched in Spring, and available from Summer! Can’t wait! Just the right time as my extended service and warranty package runs out in Jan 2014! What better than upgrade to the All-new X5. Just hope they don’t increase the price dramatically; the current X5 is already too expensive. At least here! You guys are really lucky in the States!

  2. I really hope that rear looks better in person because that looks just like X1 only larger. I am glad I got an ’12 LCI. Also, it is funny because they removed the deep sea blue color, which was always a special order, and it is the best color for X5 hands down (except buyer has a white-fetish, that’s a different story). Now that will make our deep sea blue X5’s unique even more. Looking forward to seeing this in person in April.

  3. razzmus says:

    I’m very dissapointed …

    dear bavarians I’m greatest fan of BMW since my childhood … :| where is your creative ideas, where is “flame”… where is agression … it’s just a larger copy of X1… Yes its great that Sales are up and 1st place in premium segment but … at this rate you may loose brand identity …it’s not why we love BMW so much. thanks for your attention …

  4. Jay says:

    i am wondering about the seat and engine options as i am hoping that there will be seats available that will be more comfortable and either a diesel or hybred options.

  5. RedCandy says:

    It’s disappointing to not see red as an exterior color choice. I was planning to get the ’14 in vermillion red or something similar.

  6. Scott Reynolds says:

    Should I stick with the Canberra Beige or go with the Ivory White upgraded leather? I feel that beige is kind of yellow and old looking and this car is so slick it wouldn’t do it justice. I haven’t really seen the ivory white but it would get dirtier faster for sure. Is it softer than the beige? Please help.

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