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BMW has yet to publicly acknowledge a future M2 model, but that hasn’t stopped rendering artists to come up with their own ideas on what …

BMW has yet to publicly acknowledge a future M2 model, but that hasn’t stopped rendering artists to come up with their own ideas on what the super sporty M model could look like.

Today, we’re having a look at an M2 Convertible rendering with some insanely aggressive design lines which make it a bit unrealistic and imaginary.

But what do we know or suspect about a future M2? First that BMW plans to launch the successor of the limited-edition 1M in 2015 and compared to the somewhat rushed 1M project, the BMW M2 will undergo a longer development phase. To clearly set a line between the M135i and a fully M-developed model, the M2 will sport an aggressive package and M-engineered underpinnings. The M2 is said to sport an unique fascia with large air intakes, wider track and wider rear fenders, as well as a rear spoiler and the signature M four-exhaust pipes.

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We also heard, through unofficial channels, that the M2 will be available only in coupe form with no plans for another body style. At least in the initial phase.

Power will be sent to the wheels via the rear-wheel drive platform. Even though in the past we have heard of rumors around a four-cylinder banger powering the M2, latest rumors point to an upgraded version of the 3.0 liter TwinScroll turbocharged engine might be used with a total output of 360 horsepower. Expect to see a DCT and manual transmission.

Price point? Another wild guess, but certainly somewhere above the M135i and below the M3 which in the U.S. should point to $50,000 or more.

For now, enjoy the work of rendering artists.


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  1. JC says:

    the render looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] The reason for the hype and excitement is that BMW’s 2 Series is the brand’s most fun car. It nails all of the key criteria for BMW-ness; it’s small, lightweight (relative to the times), nimble and quick. It’s an absolute blast to drive, regardless of model. The 228i is a bunch of fun, because it’s not all that fast so you can use more of its performance. The M235i is a blast because it handles fantastically and is a little rocket, reminiscent of the E46 M3. But, importantly, even the convertible models are fun. The M235i ‘vert is sort of a drop-top bruiser that’s also fun to drive. Plus you get to hear that fantastic N55 exhaust note even better. And even the 228i ‘vert is great, despite being the perfect recipe for a secretary’s car, as it’s small, nimble and fun, like a BMW MX-5. So should BMW make an M2 convertible? […]

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